Fix: Netflix stuck at 25 percent Sony TV, Roku

Netflix is the most popular OTT platforms out there. You, me, and every one of us watch Netflix. Either by taking the subscription or by borrowing friends’ accounts. Also, Netflix is available on almost all platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Apart from smartphones, most of us use Netflix on the smart TV. These include the latest Android enabled TVs and some media streamers such as Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, Roku, Plex, etc. Now, it is likely that we face some issues with any of the apps or services.

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In the same way, Netflix can also give you trouble. One of these common issues is that the streaming on Netflix gets stuck. This means like for no reason your video starts buffering. And that too at some weird percentages like 25%, 5%, or 24%. So, here are a few methods that you can try to see it.

How to fix Netflix stuck at 25%:

STEP 1 – Try Relaunching the Netflix app

First, you can just try some common troubleshooting things. These can be as simple as relaunching the app itself. Now, you might think that it is surely not a solution. But many times you notice that it can actually work. So try it.

STEP 2 – Clear Netflix app cache

Talking about the app itself, you can see if space is enough on your device and try to clear the cache of the Netflix app within the device settings. Usually, we see that Smart TVs and Android boxes are low on space. The more apps you watch and use, it ends up filling the space. These can be as updates, cache, and other info.

fix Netflix stuck at 25%

STEP 3 – Power off the device and replug

Along with this, you can just remove the power cable, leaving it for a couple of minutes, and then powering it on again. If you are watching Netflix on a media streamer or Android TV box, then you can also remove it from the HDMI connector.

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STEP 4 – Check for Updates

After you power ON the TV again, Netflix should work as expected. If not, then check for the updates in the device settings. There are some cases where your device is not the only victim of such issues. And here the company can provide the software update to fix the same. So, just update your device if available and try again.

fix Netflix stuck at 25%

STEP 5 – Check your Wifi router

Now, the above methods were all towards the TV hardware, but it is equally important to check for the network issues as well. To begin with, you can always just look at your network. Whether it is working fine, is the speed enough to run the quality of video you want to watch, etc.

Last, if none of the above steps works, then you can switch either your Wi-Fi network or the app itself. And in case the network is in trouble, then you can permanently switch to that other network itself. But if using another app goes well, then you should check the DNS.


In a nutshell, Netflix is really a huge platform so any severe issues will be addressed soon. Till then you can try the above techniques and solve the issue. So, we hope that this list of methods is helpful in your case as well. Finally, make sure to share it with your friends and binge-watchers.