Fix: Can’t Like Someone’s Instagram Story

Who doesn’t use Instagram in modern days?

It has a large customer base with several photo and video-sharing features. Well, have you ever tried to like someone’s story and couldn’t? You’re not alone. Many users face this problem and look for solutions when they can’t like someone’s Instagram story.

Let us understand about can’t like someone’s Instagram story issue in detail. We’ll go through the top reasons and fixes for the problem to use Instagram without any interruptions.

Why can’t I like someone’s Instagram story?

Short Answer: Any user can’t like someone’s Instagram story if the user account have disabled reactions and comments on their Instagram stories. The other reasons like app-related problems, server issues, and connectivity issues. Any problems with the device using Instagram can cause problems of can’t like someone’s Instagram story. 


Fixes: Can’t like someone’s Instagram story

After knowing about the top reasons for can’t like someone’s Instagram story, below are some of the easy and effective fixes:

Method 1: Checking if the user has disabled reactions or comments on Instagram story

Firstly, start checking if the user account has disable comments or reactions on their Instagram stories. There is no direct way for the same. However, you can check if the other people are liking or commenting someone’s Instagram story and you’re unable to do so.

You may never get notified directly if someone is restricting you for any reactions or comments on their Instagram story.

Method 2: Checking internet connectivity

If you’re unable to like someone’s Instagram story, the right step is to start checking the internet connectivity to the device using Instagram.

You can restart the mobile data or Wi-Fi router to confirm seamless internet connectivity to your Instagram account.

Method 3: Restart the device using Instagram

Many times the issues like can’t like someone’s Instagram story are temporary and can be resolved with a quick device restart.

So, turn off your device using Instagram and then turn it on. Check if Instagram is working properly and if you’re able to like other’s Instagram stories or not.

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Method 4: Update the Instagram app

Are you sure that you have updated the Instagram app according to the regional offerings of this social media platform?

If not, then all you need to do is update the Instagram app for your Android or iOS device. Go to Google Play Store or App Store to update the Instagram app.

Method 5: Instagram server crashes

Instagram is a popular social media networking app that is consistently increasing its customer base. This is increasing the load on the Instagram servers.

Hence, if your face can’t like someone’s Instagram story, it can be due to server crashes. It can cause problems with a single function of Instagram or may shut down the entire app.

So, you must wait for some time if you face Instagram server crashes.

Method 6: Clear the cache memory of the Instagram app

Are you aware of the consequences of cache memory on the seamless working of any app like Instagram?

If not, then you must know that cache memory is the temporary memory ensuring quick internet access. However, it may start creating issues with the Instagram app and may create problems like being unable to like someone’s Instagram story.

You can quickly delete the cache memory of the Instagram app in the following ways:

  • Step 1: Go to the “Settings” option on your device using Instagram.
  • Step 2: Select the “Apps” option, followed by the “Instagram” option.
  • Step 3: Select “Clear cache” option.


Method 7: Restart the Instagram app

Have you tried to give a quick restart to your Instagram app?

If you’re still facing the problem of can’t like someone’s Instagram story, try to restart the Instagram app. Turn off your application and then restart it to check if you’re able to like others’ Instagram stories.

Method 8: Re-install the Instagram app

You can uninstall the Instagram application from your device and then re-install it from reliable sources. These are official app stores like Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS devices.

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Method 9: Contact Instagram customer support

If nothing is working for your Instagram account, it is easy to reach the customer support team of this social media networking app.

Go to Instagram customer support to check the possible solution for can’t like someone’s Instagram story.


Summing Up

Hence, it is easy to understand the situations like can’t like someone’s Instagram story. It can be due to different reasons like app-related problems, device-related problems, or connectivity issues.

Do let us know about your experience in using this guide for can’t like someone’s Instagram story in detail in the comments section!

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