How to Find your Hulu Username and Password [4 easy Steps]

Hulu is a superb media streaming service that was established in 2007. Ever since then it has improved a lot delivered top-quality service. But to use it, you would have to log in first, and it is no uncommon to forget your passwords. This article focuses on how to find your Hulu username and password.

If you plan on watching movies or even change your subscription or cancel it, you would need to be logged in to your Hulu account. This is impossible to achieve if you forget your login credentials.

But do not worry! This guide has been specially created to help you out with solving this issue.

How to change Hulu account password

Before we talk about how you can find your username and password, let us talk about how to change it. Often we tend to write random words as passwords and then we forget about it. We are sometimes also worried we would end up forgetting the password.

find your Hulu username and password
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There are two things you could do in this scenario. The first is to write the password down. This is not suggested as it might lead to a breach of your account if someone else gets their hand on your account.

The second thing you could do is change the password to a better one which you would remember easily. This also comes in handy if you would like to share your account with a friend and they want a different password.

So how does one changes the account password? It’s quite simple. I would assume you are logged into your Hulu account (after all, that is how you can access anything in Hulu). If not, log in first.

Now all you need to do is go to Your Account > Change Password. This would ask you for your old password and the new one you would like to replace it with. Provide both the strings and your password would be changed easily! Don’t forget to save the changes as well.

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How to find your Hulu username and password

Forgetting Username and password at the same time is a tough situation. If you cannot remember your username, you cannot request a password reset. Thankfully, I have got two pieces of good news for you.

First of all, many sites and apps that use usernames almost always give an alternative to use email addresses. Besides, many also give the option to find your username if you forgot it as well! Now the second thing.

Hulu does not work with Usernames. All you would need is an email, your name, your date of birth, and a password. So do not worry about your username! You can just focus on recovering your password.

find your Hulu username and password
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  • Step 1: Go to the login page of Hulu once again.

  • Step 2: Instead of putting in the password, click on Forgot password.

The good news is that you can also recover if you have forgotten your email address! Just follow the prompts and Hulu would help you out.

  • Step 3: Type your email address and click ‘Send me a Reset Link’.

This link would contain the option to reset your password. Just follow the instructions as provided.

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So in this article, we discussed how you can easily reset your password, as well as change it. I hope it proved useful for you!

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