If I Block Someone On Twitch, Will They Know?

Which live-streaming platform do you use?

Twitch is my personal favorite when it comes to video live-streaming and esports competitions. With an increasing number of users, Twitch is working hard to ensure the security of its users.

One such feature is the ability to block any user on your Twitch platform. However, when I started using it, I had some queries and questions.

So today, let me help you solve your queries related to blocking someone on Twitch.

If I block someone on Twitch, will they know?

Short Answer: No, Twitch does not directly notify the blocked user. They won’t receive any pop-up, message, or email indicating they’ve been blocked by you. However, depending on their actions and awareness, they might eventually find out that they’ve been blocked.


What happens when you block someone on Twitch?

If you block someone on this live-streaming platform, it is easy to check the same by going to the “Privacy” section of your account on the “Security Settings” page.

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However, when you block a person on Twitch, below are some of the key points to consider:

  • The person is removed from your followers list.
  • The person can not follow you in the future.
  • The person can not whisper or message you in the future.
  • The person can not watch your livestreams.
  • The person is prevented from subscribing to your channel.
  • The person prevents the user from purchasing the gift subs for other users on the same channel.
  • The messages of the person are filtered out of the chat which are not moderated by you.


Parting words

Hence, it is easy to understand if the person will know or not if you block someone on Twitch. You can take the help of this guide to use the blocking feature on Twitch more wisely and easily.

Do let us know about your views on this guide in the comments section!

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