Does Sling Have Fox Sports?

Which online streaming services do you use for entertainment needs?

Sling is the first choice of many people looking to replace traditional cable TV networks. It offers a range of different types of TV channels like sports, news, cable, and live programs. Hence, many users try to find out if Sling have FOX Sports.

So today, let us try to find out if entertainment enthusiasts get quick access to the exclusive FOX Sports on Sling or not. We’ll also figure out the amount charged by Sling in offering FOX Sports.

Let us start our journey on whether Sling have FOX Sports or not.

Does Sling have Fox Sports?

Short Answer: Yes, Sling does offer FOX Sports, but it requires a subscription to Sling’s Blue plan. Additionally, users have the option to subscribe to the Sports Extra plan. Therefore, Sling provides convenient access to FOX Sports for streaming on various devices at an affordable price.


How much is FOX Sports on Sling?

It is easy to understand the total costs involved while looking for if Sling have FOX Sports. The different methods in which users can go for FOX Sports and associated costs are:

Method 1: Sling Blue Plan

Sling has two different basic entertainment plans- Orange and Blue. These differ on kinds of the channels offered in the respective plan. Both these plans cost 40 USD monthly each. Sling offers combined access to the Orange and Blue plan at 55 USD monthly.

FOX Sports is included in the Blue plan of Sling. 

Sling Orange and Blue

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Method 2: Sports Extra Add-on

Sling focuses on the special needs of sports enthusiasts by offering special Sports add-on features. It offers a range of additional sports channels to users and helps us answer if Sling have FOX Sports or not.

It costs 11 USD monthly for Sling’s Blue or Orange plan users. However, the combined plan users of the Blue and Orange plans can get a Sports Extra add-on for 15 USD monthly.

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Method 3: DVR Plus

If you want to know more about Sling have FOX Sports or not, you can go for the DVR Plus plan. This plan increases the overall recording time on Sling to 200 hours. Hence, users can record Sports content on Sling using the DVR Plus plan.

It costs 5 USD monthly to the Sling users.

Method 4: Total TV Deal

It is an all-in-one package deal of Sling offering complete access to the seven sports add-ons with different news and entertainment channels. 

It costs 21 USD monthly with the Sling’s Orange or Blue plan while costs 27 USD monthly with the Sling’s combined plan.



Hence, it is easy to understand if Sling have FOX Sports or not.

Sling does offer FOX Sports in its Blue plan, Sports add-on, DVR Plus, and total TV deal package. Users can access FOX Sports on Sling using any of these packages.

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