Can I cancel Fubo TV after free trial?

Fubo TV is undoubtedly the center for renowned sports channels and live-action. It has about 200 channels and more to experience, especially if you are into soccer. When considering the details of the streaming service, the packages cost about $65 per month inclusive of other fabulous offers. But today, we are going to discuss whether you can cancel Fubo TV after a free trial.

If you happen to start your free trial to enjoy some exclusive-day games, and then hope to cancel it after the free chances have ended, we are here to guide you through the process. In this article, we are going to explain how you can possibly unsubscribe from Fubo TV after you have reached the limit of its free trial.

In Fubo TV you get to witness the most spot-on emphasis on sports channels, which enhances the credibility of the various features that it offers over a reasonable price. When several streaming services follow add-ons that allow users to get additional preferred channels onto predetermined packages, Fubo spoils its users with over 100 channels that you get to access in a free 7-day trial of the service or under a paid subscription.

Most importantly, these 7 days let you enjoy the complete package making it almost irresistible to quit the service once the duration of free service comes to an end. But, if you still hope to cancel Fubo TV after the free trial here is how you can get to it. Read on to find out more about how to cancel the Fubo TV after a free trial.

Can I cancel Fubo TV after a free trial?

Fubo TV wants their transparency to get a hold of you so that you come back for more. And they do so through the top channels that they have to offer. It gets better when you have just entered the streaming service and have second thoughts on using the service further.

As a free trial session, you get to have the privilege of enjoying over 100 channels and about 130 live events. The three distinguished packages have unique features making it absolutely worth the cost. The starter, pro, and elite packages differ at a small range and start at approximately $65 every month.

Coming to the topic at hand, yes, you can cancel your Fubo TV subscription, whether paid or free, at any time of the service. In case you have come to the end of the free trial, you get to either keep the subscription at the price of your preferred package. Or if you wish to discontinue the service, you may do so too. Read on to learn more about the steps to follow in order to cancel the subscription.

How to cancel Fubo TV after the trial?

Once you have reached the limit of your free trial, you may want to discontinue the service. This is indeed possible and the steps to unsubscribe from the stream are also quite easy. Here are the simple steps to follow in order to get the subscription canceled;

  • Firstly, type in ‘tv’ into any search engine and hit enter.
  • Now enter your login credentials and sign in to your Fubo account.
  • Select your account from the ‘Who’s watching’ page.
  • Once the home screen of your Fubo TV opens, find your profile on the top right-hand side of the screen. Click on it.
  • This will pull down a set of options. Click on ‘my account’.
  • The account page opens.
  • Now, navigate towards the left side of the page. You will find the option ‘subscription and billing’.
  • Click on it to open a page that reveals your subscribed plan. In the case of a free subscription, you will find the number of hours remaining, displayed in the right-hand corner.
  • Find the ‘cancel subscription’ option and click on it.
  • This will lead you to another page where it will prompt you to confirm your action.
  • Click on ‘yes end trial’ to confirm your cancellation.
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to your email acknowledging the cancellation.

This will successfully end the subscription. Hope it helps.

How to cancel Fubo TV on phone?

You can cancel your subscription via any device. In the case of an IOS device, there is a separate procedure that you are required to follow. Here are the methods to follow in order to cancel your Fubo TV streaming subscription over your phone;

  • First, open the ‘settings’ on your IOS device.
  • Now click on your Apple ID. This will show the various options including ‘subscriptions’.
  • Click on ‘subscriptions’ and then navigate towards Fubo TV.
  • Then click on ‘cancel subscription’.
  • Select ‘confirm’, in order to conclude the process.

This concludes the process of canceling your Fubo TV subscription. Hope it helps.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. Is Fubo TV’s free trial easy to cancel?

Yes, Fubo TV has a hassle-free process of canceling free trial sessions and even paid subscriptions. The steps to go about the same is explained in the above article. Refer to them for further clarity.

Q2. how do I cancel Fubo TV free trial?

It is quite simple to cancel your Fubo TV free trial. Firstly, go to ‘’ via any search engine. Then select your profile picture and click on ‘my accounts’ which opens a list of options. Click on ‘subscriptions and billings’. This will reveal a page comprising of the number of hours remaining in your free trial session.

Adjacent to it, find the ‘cancel subscription’ option. Then select a relevant reason for leaving and enter ‘continue’. This will conclude the action and you will be successfully unsubscribed from the service.

Q3. Can you cancel Fubo TV before the free trial ends?

Yes, you are permitted to cancel your Fubo TV before the free session ends. The method for canceling the subscription is provided in the above article. Refer to them for more details on the same. Hope it helps.


This article explains the doubt regarding whether you can cancel your Fubo TV after a free trial or not. We have compiled the best answer for the same and also provided the step-wise guide on canceling your Fubo TV subscription. Hope it helps.

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