Can You Change A Picture On Instagram Without Deleting It?

Social media life is incomplete without Instagram these days!

We all love to post our daily memories on this amazing social media platform. While posting photos from my account, one day I suddenly felt the need to change it. Have you ever felt the same on any of your recently posted photo?

So, let me share my take on if you can change a picture on Instagram without deleting it in this guide.

Can you change a picture on Instagram without deleting it?

Short Answer: No, there is no possible solution to change a picture on Instagram without deleting it. Hence, changing a picture with the same engagement levels- likes, shares, and comments is not possible.


Instagram offers its users the option of minor edits to the photos after posting them, without the need to delete them. It allows account holders to quickly change the photos’ caption, location, or alt text while tagging other Instagram users.

However, if you are looking for a complete change of the photo, it is impossible for the same post. You can always go ahead with the new post with new photo.

While uploading a new picture, you might have seen Instagram saving a copy of the post in gallery. Check the method to stop Instagram from creating a copy of the photos here.

Can I replace photos on Instagram without losing likes?

No, you can not replace photos on Instagram without losing likes.

Any new photo posted on Instagram is considered a new post from the account, with no link to the previous comments or photos.

It is a guideline of this social media platform to prevent the improper use of the engagement, as events like account hacking can lead to replacement of the popular photos with some offensive photos. This can create issues for the account holders and the followers likely.

How to replace photos on Instagram after posting?

There is no method to replace the photos on Instagram after posting. However, you can go ahead with deleting the unwanted photo and post a new photo from your account.

It prevents the Instagram posts from getting hacked or the use of offensive content on the highly engaging posts.



So, no more confusion when you want to replace a picture on Instagram. It is easy to go through the detailed guide mentioned above and share your best clicks online.

Let us discuss more on this guide in the comments section!

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