YouTube TV PS5 App not available? : Here is all we know when YouTube TV is coming on PlayStation

Update: In a Reddit discussion raised for the availability of YouTube TV on Sony PS5 a YouTube TV engineer has replied. He said that the team is constantly working on that right now. So, we might expect that the app will be available for PS5 before June this year. On a side note, he has leg-pulled on the availability of PS5 in stores.

YouTube TV is amongst the leading television service network in the US. Not just in the US, users from other countries also use YouTube TV with the help of a VPN. Similar to countries, it is available on multiple platforms. These include Android, iOS, Android TV, Chromecast, Fire Stick, Apple TV, and many more.

Along with these smartphones, televisions, and streaming devices, this app is also available on gaming consoles. On the note of gaming consoles, there are only two major players. These are Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation. Also, these two manufacturers have come up with their latest generations. They are Xbox Series X and Series S from Microsoft. On the other hand, Sony has launched PlayStation 5. After being delayed, PS5 is finally available for sale on multiple online and offline platforms.

Now, for those who bought PS5 and also use YouTube TV, you need to wait longer. This is because it is still not available to download on Sony PS5. So, for such users, here is a news update about when it is coming. Also, do note that YouTube TV will definitely be made available for Sony PS5 users. With that out of the way, let us begin.

YouTube TV coming on Sony PlayStation 5:

Before coming to the update of YouTube TV on Sony PlayStation 5. Here are a few past experiences which you need to know. Similar to the present situation, Sony PS4 also faced these delay issues with many other services. Basically, Sony has decided to launch its own streaming service instead of depending on third party services.

Now, Sony has launched PlayStation Vue on the 18th of  March 2015. At the beginning of the launch, PlayStation Vue stood strong to the users’ expectations. Also, they managed to gain many PS users as well as many other awards. But, it was only in January 2020, Sony decided to shut down this business and stick to its core gaming business.

After the shutdown, PS users fall short of options to choose from. Now, in such a case, YouTube TV came into the light and gained huge popularity. Along with this app, there are other streaming services as well. Some of these include Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max.

All in all, you get the idea. Now, a similar story is here with the availability of this YouTube service on Sony PS5. During the launch event, Sony has confirmed that YouTube TV will be available on PS5. But the gaming console itself got delayed multiple times. Finally, it is available now, and here comes the question of YouTube TV.

According to the community manager, YouTube TV will be available in the early next year. But the range itself is pretty broad. Now, we are already in the second month of 2021. In short, we can expect the app to come within next month.

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All in all, this YouTube app is a popular streaming service that has many users. Also, they will not let down PS users have a bad impression. So, be assured that the app will be available as soon as possible. Also, to get updated, you can check the Reddit community here. On that note, share this word of news with your PS5 friends who are looking forward to it.

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