8 Fixes: Chase Dashpass Not Working

Chase DashPass not working for you? This could be such a bummer considering how good the offer is. I mean, a year of free food delivery with minimal charges for including alcohol products!

Here in this article, we discuss what are the reasons for this issue, how you can fix it as well as what is the method to activate the same. Keep on reading to know more!

Why is DashPass not working

Short answer: Chase DashPass not working could be due to a bad internet connection, ineligible mode of payment, ineligible Chase card, end of the offer period, Outdated app as well as down servers.

Chase DashPass not working

Reason 1- Trouble with the Internet connection

If you are connected to a slow network, you would face issues with redeeming the offer on your DoorDash app.

A slow internet connection is responsible for poor loading times, lags, incomplete information submission along with multiple other issues that could be fixed very simply.

Furthermore, the Chase DashPass offer requires a well-established connection to authenticate it, and a poor internet connection would not be able to fetch the required results leading to Chase DashPass not working error.

Reason 2- Outdated Doordash app

Another common issue, which needs a mention in nearly all online functioning apps is the updates. If you are not updating your app regularly or have skipped a certificate number of updates, your app would be rendered useless.

Offers like this which include sensitive information and crucial determinants and may affect a company are taken seriously. This, an outdated app with chances of glitches and bugs that could get abused is continuously removed in each update.

This is also done to prevent users from facing the issue when redeeming an offer, such as Chase DashPass.

Reason 3- End of the subscription offer period

Subscription periods are important in any offer criteria and must be availed before the subscription period ends. Chase DashPass is not different from this rule, and you need to follow the subscription rules to avoid facing any issues. Below we have mentioned how you can achieve the same.

Reason 4- Using an ineligible Chase card

One of the important requirements for availing of the Chase DashPass offer is to be able to use the right Chase card. If you are using the wrong Chase card for the offer, it would not work and would lead to Chase DashPass not working issue.

There are multiple Chase cards and only a few selected are going to work in the provided subscription offer. Keep on reading to find out more about what kind of card would allow you to opt-in to the offer!

Reason 5- Wrong payment method

The wrong payment method is one of the biggest mistakes that is easily overlooked by users. The purpose of the subscription offer on the company end is to avail either more engagement from the users or some sort of benefit/ promotion of their product.

If you are using the wrong payment method, which is not supported by the Chase DashPass offer, then the company would fail to promote the product. In simple terms, it means you cannot avail an offer using the wrong payment method.

Reason 6- Servers under maintenance

Servers can often be under maintenance especially when facing huge loads over time due to unique offers or ordering periods.

DoorDash servers constantly need maintenance as well to provide the best possible functionality and issue-free experience to the users. Therefore, the servers may be under maintenance, leading to Chase DashPass not working.

Fix: Chase DashPass not working

As we have discussed the common causes that might lead to Chase DashPass not working, let us see what fixes we can apply to solve them specifically or in general terms. Do keep in mind that these are in no specific order.

Method 1- Improve internet connection

The first and foremost thing to try is an improved internet connection. If you are facing slow loading times in the DoorDash app then you probably have a poor internet connection.

You can switch to Wi-Fi if you are on mobile data in order to enhance network connectivity. If there is still perceivable lag after connecting to the Wi-Fi, try rebooting the Wi-Fi to disconnect idle devices that are not using the Wi-Fi.

Method 2- Updating the Doordash app

Updating the Doordash app is again a very necessary step to proceed with availing of the Chase DashPass offer. If you are running an Android device, click here to be redirected to the Google Play Store page for DoorDash. You would notice the update button, which when used would update your app.

iPhone users can follow this link in order to reach the Doordash page on the Apple Store. The process remains the same.

Method 3- Using the correct Chase card

The Chase DashPass offer is only available for selected Chase cards and without the use of those cards, it is not possible to redeem the DashPass.

To summarize, you must be having a Chase credit card to take benefits of the provided offer. According to the Chase website, the following cards cannot be made use of to avail the offer:

Amazon Rewards Visa Card, Instacart Mastercard, DoorDash Rewards Mastercard.

Now that you have the idea of which card to use for DashPass, it would fix the Chase DashPass not working issue.

Method 4- Using the right payment method

The Chase credit card is used to avail the offer of DashPass. However, one cannot simply avail the offer and use it however they want. The conditions are that the user must select the payment method as Chase card and order food through DashPass that would be paid via the same.

Use of any banking, UPI apps such as Google Pay is not permitted and would lead to the failure of Chase DashPass offer.

Method 5- Checking if the servers are working

Sometimes the servers are down so that they can be maintained to remove certain bugs or glitches. They are also maintained to provide security and much-needed updates.

If you suspect DoorDash servers to be down, you can head to Downdetector.com and then to DoorDash to find out. Alternatively, click on this link which would take you straight to the mentioned page.

Method 6- Checking the eligibility of the offer

The eligibility criteria for the Chase DashPass offer are quite simple. If you are using an eligible Chase card for the offer then by 12/31/2024, you are allowed to avail the offer whenever you want.

Your subscription date would be counted from when you first opted into the offer. However, this is for a year only, after which you would be charged the regular amount for DashPass automatically unless the subscription is canceled. Do note that you cannot avail this offer more than once in your account.

Method 7- Log out and log back in

Computers can be weird when they are glitching. Some actions make less sense but are needed at times. This is why you would need to try logging out of your account in DoorDash and then logging back in.

This ensures no glitch is preventing your account or making it ineligible from availing the Chase DashPass offer. You can achieve this by simply going to Settings and logging out of your Account. Log back in via the same credentials and try again.

Method 8- Clear Cache and Data

Clearing Cache and Data is helpful as they bring the base app back and remove any potentially troublesome code of data or stored cache that could be interrupting the information being sent to DoorDash.

  • Step 1: Hold the Doordash app icon.
  • Step 2: Click on ‘App info‘.

This is also labeled as ‘More info’ or a simple ‘i’ logo at times.

  • Step 3: Scroll down to ‘Storage‘.
  • Step 4: Tap on ‘Clear Cache and Data‘.
  • Step 5: Press ‘Accept‘.

Chase DashPass not working

And there you go, you have successfully cleared the data and cache for DoorDash. You would also need to log in again, achieving Method 7 as well.


How to activate DashPass Chase

As there is no direct way of activating DashPass using the web login, we would be using the smartphone app to activate the offer and make use of it. Here is how you can do it:

Note: The first series of steps allow the Chase credit card to be used as the default payment method for your food delivery, allowing you to avail the offer.

  • Step 1: Open the DoorDash app.
  • Step 2: Go to the ‘Accounts‘ tab.
  • Step 3: Tap on the ‘Payment Cards‘ option.
  • Step 4: Click on ‘Add a card‘.
  • Step 5: Enter the required information to save your card.
  • Step 6: Click on the tick mark to enable ‘Use as default‘.
  • Step 7: Go back to the ‘Accounts‘ tab.
  • Step 8: Select ‘0$ Delivery fees with DashPass’.
  • Step 9: Tap on ‘Activate DashPass‘.

Now that the offer has been subscribed to, you may use it to your benefit when ordering food via Chase Credit card.

Final words:

In this article, we discussed Chase DashPass not working issue and how one can fix it. If you liked the article and found it helpful, check out Where is my Cart on DoorDash App (Fix if you can’t see).

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