[2023] Can I share my Fubo TV account?

If you are a sports lover and have tons of games that you are into, then surely a Fubo account should definitely be on your device. Today, we are going to clear up doubt for sports lovers regarding Fubo TV; can I share my Fubo TV account?

Having loved ones equally interested in sports as you are is definitely appreciable and you would want to watch sports together or give them access to such content that you enjoy yourself.

Sports is definitely fun when watched together with someone who is as excited as you are. So sharing your Fubo account would be the first thing you would want to do for them, especially if they are a dependent child of yours.

So let us get into the article and find out whether you can share your Fubo TV account and how. Hope it helps.

Can I share my Fubo TV account?

Yes, you can definitely share your Fubo TV account with anyone you like. Apparently, Fubo has allowed its users to create several profiles in just a single subscription.

This means that you can pay for a single subscription, yet have more than one individual to enjoy it equally. However, there are certain conditions for this feature on Fubo.

This exclusive streaming platform has offered amazing deals on packages that permit multiple users to stream from a single subscription. And each of these deals has its own features and conditions, but also adds to the number of streams permitted simultaneously.

Now let us look at some of the important features of these packages. The following content describes several packages that allow your family members or friends to stream using the same profile. Hope it helps.

How does family share work on Fubo TV?

The ‘family share’ plan was included recently, before which the service permitted only 2 devices to stream at the same time using one subscription

If all members of the same household wish to stream from multiple devices then the Fubo ‘family share’ is definitely a great deal to try. This deal allows you to stream through 3 devices, all under the same network.

In fact, there are several packages under this, which gives you the comfort of streaming from multiple devices.

We have briefly explained the packages, how they work, and the features associated with them. Hope it helps

1. Starter bundle

This bundle comprises other basic features along with family share.

  • A maximum of 3 devices can stream at the same time using a single subscription.
  • The overall bundle costs you $64.99 per month.
  • You may add to the provisions using the ‘Unlimited screens’ feature (explained further below) for an additional cost of $9.99 per month.

2. Unlimited screens.

With this deal you get to enjoy the following provisions;

  • You can add this deal to any of the bundles for an additional charge of $9.99 per month.
  • Adding this plan to the ‘family share’ package, permits about 10 devices to stream under the same network connection plus 3 devices on a mobile data or a different network, at the same time.

You may add the deal to all four of the bundles and enjoy the multiple streams from various locations.

3. Pro bundle.

can I share my fubo TV

The pro bundle comes with additional hours of DVR compared to the starter package, but also with ‘Family share’ plus ‘unlimited screens’ provision.

  • It costs a monthly charge of $69.99.
  • You can enjoy streams on up to 13 devices that include 10 devices under the same network and 2 devices on a different network or web browsers.


can I share my Fubo TV

4. Elite bundle.

With the same hours of DVR as the ‘Pro bundle’, Elite bundle holds ‘Fubo extra’, along with the ‘family share plus’ unlimited ‘screens package’.

  • This bundle charges you $79.99 per month.
  • Fubo Extra is an add-on that costs $7.99 per month. This is included in the total charge of the ‘Elite bundle’.
  • You get to stream from 13 devices, 10 of which are under the same network, and 2 devices from a different network or a web browser.

5. Latino quarterly.

Latino quarterly permits you to pay after every 3 months of using the service. It costs $99.00 per 3 months.

  • This bundle has does not have an ‘Unlimited screens’ provision included in the total charge of $33.00 per month.
  • It has only 250 hours of DVR and allows 2 devices to share the streaming time.
  • Since ‘Family share’ is included in the package, it permits 3 devices to stream under the same network, simultaneously.
  • You may add the ‘Unlimited screens’ feature for an additional charge of $9.99 per month to permit more devices to stream.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. Can you watch Fubo TV in two different locations?

Fubo TV allows you to stream from different locations on devices that are compatible or supported. It also allows TV devices like Apple, Amazon Fire TV, or Roku TV to stream Fubo. However, only one TV is allowed to stream at a time.

Q2. How much is the Fubo family plan?

The family share plan costs $5.99 per month and permits 3 devices to stream at the same time under a single network connection.

Q3. How do I add family members to Fubo TV?

You may add up to 6 profiles on a single Fubo TV account. This provision is available on the latest version of the Fubo TV application.

If you wish to permit family members to stream from different devices at the same time, get either of the four bundles that include ‘family share’ or ‘Family share plus unlimited screens’. The elite and pro bundle comprise ‘Unlimited screens and family share’ along with its features.

Based on the above article find which bundle supports the number of members that you wish to share your Fubo TV with. Hope it helps.


This article explains the family share feature that is supported by Fubo TV and other similar provisions that allows multiple streams from different devices. We have explained each bundle and the number of streams that it supports. Hope it helps.

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