Would my Message Say ‘Delivered’ if I was Blocked on Badoo?

Do you use Badoo?

It is one of the leading online dating applications offering several matches to users. However, people get confused by its block feature and want to know if their message will get delivered even after a profile block.

So today, let me help you to know if your message will be delivered even after you’re blocked on this dating platform.

Would my message say delivered if I was blocked on Badoo?

Short Answer: No, your message will not say delivered if you’re blocked on Badoo. However, you may never receive a notification regarding the block by another user.


How do you know if someone blocked you on Badoo?

Badoo does not send any notification to you if someone has blocked you on this platform. Hence, while there is no direct method to confirm the block, you can go for some trick to find out the same.

The best trick here is to send another message to the profile user. If that message says undelivered, then the chances are high that you’re blocked by the account or the account is inactive.

On the other hand, if the message says delivered or disappears, the chances are high that it has reached the person and you’re not blocked.

Does blocking someone on Badoo delete messages?

No, blocking someone on Badoo doesn’t delete messages. The person can still see your profile and go through the previous messages or conversations.

It is easy to reach the Badoo Help Center to understand better the blocking feature and get the best help for deleted messages.


Parting thoughts

Hence, it is easy to understand the message status of being delivered and the blocking feature on Badoo. Your message will not say delivered if you’re blocked on this online dating application.

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