Why Does My OkCupid Like Disappeared After Message

OkCupid is a leading dating application with the motto of matching you with what matters to you the most.

With the availability of its different features, it has users from different ages. However, many people face some issues like disappearing after messages.

So today, let us explore the reason for the OkCupid like disappeared after message in this post.

Why does my OkCupid like disappeared after message?

Shorts Answer: OkCupid like disappear after messages because the person has blocked you, person is blocked or banned by OkCupid, or the person has not liked you yet. Further, OkCupid likes to confirm that the account is used by humans only.



OkCupid allows users to like another profiles like majority of other dating platforms. When your profile matches with another profile, you can start the relationship and start each other messaging on this platform.

However, you may observe that OkCupid like may disappear after message due to the following reasons:

Further, you may not feel good while browsing through the different matches on this dating platform while seeing the same profiles over again. It may further make users feel dissatisfied while going through the different liked profiles who haven’t responsed back yet. is a policy of the dating platform to reduce the time wastage or user frustation.

The common reasons for OkCupid like disappearing after message are:

  • The person may have blocked you

Firstly, the likes may disappear if the person has blocked your profile.

  • The person may have been blocked or banned by the OkCupid

Secondly, the person who youve liked on OkCupid may be banned or blocked by the platform.

  • The person may have deleted the OkCupid account

The chances are high that the person has deleted the OkCupid account leading to disappearing likes.

  • The person is in the moderation hold

Your like may disappear if the person is in the moderation hold. Here, understand What Is A Moderation Hold On OkCupid.

  • Messages on hold by OkCupid

Many times, OkCupid may hold the messages to verify if these are sent by humans only. It protects the users from the spams or other marketing scams.

  • The person may not have liked you yet

Like may disappear if the person do not like you yet. So, while you message some liked profile on OkCupid, it will disappear due to the same reason. You will not be able to see the like or profile unless the profile messages you back. When it happens, you will notice it in the “Conversations” page of your account. The platform will send you a quick notification regarding the same.


Wrapping Up

Hope everything is clear to you regarding the OkCupid like disappeared after message issue after going through this guide.

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