Why my Message Requests disappear on Instagram

Once again we are here with a new article about Instagram. While there are so many things worth talking about, this time we will focus on one of the cool features of Direct Messages in Instagram. It is called a Message Request. Recently there have been a lot of questions regarding Message Requests disappear on Instagram.

The popular feature is used mostly by Instagram and is a highly appreciated feature. In this article, we will talk about what this feature is, how it benefits us and how to use it. We will also discuss the most important topic: how to keep it from disappearing. In the meanwhile, Check out our guides on Reels, the hot cake of Instagram.

What is the Message Request feature?

This is a very old feature of Instagram. Regardless, it has been quite helpful in some aspects. If you do not know what the Message Request feature is, then let me tell you about it. Facebook introduced something similar in their messenger years ago. This is where you would find all your lost friends, distant relatives, unknown people who do not follow you or are not friends with you.

You might even find that ‘friend’ you met at the pub and spent hours trying to search about them but never found out. Most of the time, however, it is just your mutual friends reaching out to you for some reason. It prevents anyone random from messaging you and spamming your inbox.

Message Requests disappear on Instagram
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This means you do not get notification spam, and your chat is clean without annoying messages. All you would get in your notification is ‘[username] is trying to send you a message.’. If you open Instagram and head to the Direct Messages you would notice a box containing all the people who Instagram thought were not relatable to you. This also includes bots and spam accounts.

In case you need to reply to them, you can click on accept and reply to these accounts. However, it is advisable to check the unknown accounts thoroughly before replying to them.

Instagram applied this feature for a purpose and most of the time it is doing the right thing by blocking certain people. They might try to take your information or force you into buying various products, liking pages, etc.

If you find yourself in a situation where someone is repeatedly threatening you or trying to harass you in any way possible, make sure to not accept the request and report them. This would help you in keeping your Instagram and personal life clean and issue-free.

Why do the Message Requests disappear on Instagram and how do I fix it?

Short answer: Message Requests disappear on Instagram because of glitches primarily, but can also be moved to direct messages list if you follow the user, or can be removed if the person has been blocked of has blocked you. Users might also be flagged suspiicous, thus pushing their messages into Message Requests.

As this is the main topic of our discussion, let us cover this part in detail. Message Requests, under normal circumstances, should not disappear. However, certain conditions could lead to this.

Message Requests disappear on Instagram

Reason 1- Glitches with Instagram

One of the most common reasons for this is Glitches. Instagram, like every other app in this world, faces glitches from time to time too.

It is not surprising if you happen to encounter one of them and it removes your Message Requests. I would say the chances of this happening are not high, but nonetheless it is quite possible.

Reason 2- Account Deactivation from the user

Another common reason for this could be the deactivation of the account. If it is a suspicious account, Instagram would deactivate it on its own or would do so after the account is reported by multiple people.

In both of these cases, your message requests disappear on Instagram. In case of users who try to spam others, which are now usually bots, Instagram removes their account and you would stop seeing their message requests in Instagram.

Reason 3- Following the person who messaged you

It also happens when you follow the person trying to message you. Instagram would then automatically transfer the message to direct message from Message requests.

Either this, or you allowed the person to follow you, both of which established atleast a one way connection and allow messaging, this removing Message Request.

Reason 4- Humane error and psychology

The next possible cause for this is second thoughts. Okay, I admit that’s not a technical term but it fits the bill. I am talking about the unsend method.

Sometimes, people message something they realize was not a good idea to send. Be it a formal cause or an informal one. You would not find the message in Message requests in case the user decided to unsend it.

Reason 5- Getting blocked by someone

The last method this could have happened is if you were blocked by someone. I know, it is pretty sad but there is least that can be done in this scenario. However, at least you would have your Message Request removed.

So we discussed most of the major reasons due to which the Message Requests disappear. It is time we understand how to fix it.

Sadly you can not fix most of them. If an account is deactivated, or if the user blocked you, it is impossible to get the message back as long as they do not take steps for it.

In case someone unsent it and you happen to remember their username, you can always message and ask them about it. Lastly, You can refresh your messages if they disappeared due to a glitch. This would help in restoring your message. Sometimes Messages which disappear by glitch come back by themselves as well.

How to get rid of Message Requests on Instagram:

Method 1- Cancelling the Message Requests

Getting Rid of Message Requests is not hard at all. The best way to get rid of these messages is to just Deny or cancel the request. The Message would fail to send from another side.

If you block the user, or due to any reason they happen to get removed from Instagram, you would still get rid of the Requests.

Message Requests disappear on Instagram
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Method 2- Changing Instagram settings

There is a better way however. In case you do not want to go through this regularly, Instagram offers you a solution.

  • Step 1: Go into Privacy through Settings.
  • Step 2: Tap on ‘Interactions‘,

you will find an option labeled ‘Messages’.

  • Step 3: Tap on Messages and locate ‘Allow new Message Requests‘.
  • Step 4: Change it to ‘Only people you follow.’

This way anyone not following would not be able to send you a Message Request!

Final Words:

In this article, we discussed all the related topics which come under the feature ‘Message Request’ of Instagram. I hope you found it quite useful. If you would like to read about how to remove tags from Photos, check this out.

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