How to Remove Instagram Photo Tags (Android/ iOS)

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms out there. People from all kinds of communities and sectors use it. This often leads to us getting tagged in a photo we do not want to be in. Thankfully we have a way to remove Instagram Photo Tags.

There are times when people tag you at the wrong place, or when suspicious companies keep tagging you annoyingly for scams. Whatever the reason might be, we are here with all you would need to know about Instagram tags and how to remove them.

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How to remove Instagram Photo Tags

We have finally come to the topic you were looking for. Removing the tag from the picture does indeed has a requirement but it is still a rather simple procedure. Once you give this subheading a read you will find yourself at ease removing tags on Instagram.

It is important to note that the requirement to perform this small process is the possession of an Android or iOS device. You can not remove tags on the web version of Instagram as of now.

  • Step 1: To begin with, you will need to find an Instagram post with your username tagged in it.
  • Step 2: Select the More Options icon on the post. It is the three-dot icon at the top right section of the post.

More Option on Instagram post

  • Step 3: Now, from the given options, select ‘Tag Options’.

Tags Option in Instagram post

  • Step 4: Click on ‘Remove me from post’ and Instagram would remove your user tag from the picture.

Remove for tagged post option in Instagram

You might be wondering what the second option does. When you or anyone else visits your Instagram profile, they can click on the ‘Photos of you’ section to see all the pictures you were tagged in.

Select ‘Hide From My Profile’ to ensure the photo is hidden from the section. This, however, would not remove your name tag from the User’s post.

There is a little issue with Instagram regarding picture tagging. If the person who tags you does not follows you, you would not get any notification of the same. This means it is impossible to find the user by notifications and unless you stumble upon the post by other sources, the chances of being able to remove the tag are pretty slim.

Would I need to remove Instagram Photo Tags all the time

If you happen to have a lot of followers or if you are an Instagram celebrity, you often come across lots of posts with your name tagged in them. Thankfully, Instagram provides a way so you would not need to spend your days removing your username tag from posts.

Head to your profile and from there click on the menu button on the top right. You’ll find the ‘settings’ option at the very bottom. Entering Settings would provide you with a list of options. Navigate to ‘Privacy’. From there you can access the ‘Tags’ setting. This will provide you with options for how to manage Tags.

Remove Instagram Photo Tags

If you need to allow tagging for only the people you follow, click on ‘People you follow’. This would limit your tag to only your followers. A bonus point of this Option is that you will always get notifications when you are tagged.

If you do not need anyone to be able to tag you in their posts, click on ‘No One’. This option would simply remove your name from the list when someone tries to search for your username for the tagging process.


Instagram is a very good application for social interaction, but its certain features could be an annoyance at times. In this guide, we talked about solutions to one of them. Hopefully, the article answered what you were looking for.

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