Why does my Ex come up in my Instagram Suggestions?

Wondering why your ex keeps popping up in your Instagram Suggestions?

Trying to figure out how to remove individuals from your suggested list?

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Using a complex algorithm, the Instagram app can figure out who is connected to whom. If the application determines that the user meets a set of criteria, it will recommend that the user follow other users who are also interested in the same things.

Why does my ex come up in my Instagram Suggestions?

Short Answer: Your ex comes up in your Instagram Suggestions due to several factors, including your search history, mutual connections, associated social media accounts, synced phone contacts, hashtag usage, and the fact that you followed your ex previously.


There have been rumors that Facebook and other applications are monitoring users’ whereabouts of others and utilizing that to propose possible pals, but for the sake of this post, we’ll consider that the developers are merely getting better at building the algorithms.

To provide new and relevant friend recommendations, the algorithms behind them analyze a wide range of criteria, such as:

1. Search History

That’s hardly the most shocking thing ever, but it does depend on who you’ve been looking for and how often. It’s safe to assume that if you search for the same person multiple times a day, they’ll rise to the top of your daily recommendation list.

Despite this, Instagram’s algorithm does consider your current activity (such as whom you’ve liked and commented on) and your previous activity (such as where you’ve posted). Individuals may also be suggested if their work closely resembles that which you have recently enjoyed.

2. Associated Social Media Accounts

It’s no wonder that Facebook and Instagram are so interwoven given that the latter is owned by the former. Your ex may show up as a suggested user on Instagram if you are friends with them on Facebook.

The same is true for Instagram: if you follow a user, they will likely show up in your Facebook friend recommendations.

3. Phone Contacts

Instagram will also utilize the contacts stored on your phone to recommend users you may know. When you connect your phone’s address book to Instagram, the individuals in your address book who also use Instagram will be suggested as accounts for you to follow.

It’s possible that your ex still has your contact information, even if you have deleted it from your phone. An individual’s Instagram page will be suggested to you by the ‘People You May Know’ algorithm if your contact information is detected in their synced contacts.

For Instagram’s algorithm to recommend people, users don’t need to have each other’s phone numbers preserved. Whichever phone number you provide while creating an Instagram account might be recommended to you or the other way around.

4. Hashtag Usage

Instagram leverages more than just who you’re connected with and whom you’re following to provide personalized friend suggestions. Depending on your general activity, including the sorts of hashtags you use, you may get various recommendation sites.

If you and another user have a large number of specialty hashtags in common, you may be recommended as a friend.

5. Shared Friends

As a general rule, Instagram will recommend you follow those who you have a lot of common friends with. A person’s likelihood of being recommended as a friend increases the more connections you have with them.

6. You’ve followed them previously

It doesn’t matter why you unfollowed somebody (including your ex), if Instagram notices that you ever followed them, they may be recommended to you. Even when you unfollow a user, Instagram can tell how relevant and associated their profile is with yours and will probably keep suggesting them as a friend.

To remove someone from Instagram’s recommendation feed, you must first block them from your account. During the block, they will no longer see your recommendations, and you will no longer see theirs.

How to delete people from your Suggested

If your buddy keeps insisting that you check to make sure you haven’t been searching up your ex after you’ve said you’re over him, or if you’ve moved on and don’t want the recall, you can easily remove them from your recommended searches.

To remove a friend, just touch the x in their top right corner.

Why does my ex come up in my Instagram suggestions?

While this does imply that you won’t see their posts again, Instagram won’t be clearing your history of looking them up for quite some time. Sadly, this is not the case with our “recent” searches; here’s hoping Instagram reads this and makes the necessary adjustments.

There is a simple solution if you don’t like the suggested function and wish to disable it permanently. If you want to accomplish this, you’ll need to fire up a web browser outside of the app.

  • Step 1: Go to your profile in the lower right corner.
  • Step 2: Click on Edit Profile towards the top of the page.
  • Step 3: Deselect the box beside the Similar account suggestions.
  • Step 4: After that, click Submit.

To keep your recommendation list full, Instagram wants you to keep connecting with other users. The good news is that you can unfriend somebody if you change your mind.


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Q1. How Does Instagram Suggest Friends?

When making recommendations for users, Instagram makes use of a complex algorithm, among other things. Multiple common friends across accounts, phone contacts and individual privacy settings may all affect the variety of friends suggested to you.

The friend recommendations you get from the app may also be affected by how often you use it. If you allow Instagram to track the content of your feed and the sites you follow, the app will be able to recommend more content that may be of interest to you.

Final Words

Instagram Suggestions is a great tool for discovering new accounts to follow.

You may easily disable this function if you do not wish Instagram to display these recommendations or if you choose not to show up in other users’ recommended friends.

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