What’s the difference between Calling and Ringing on WhatsApp

When using WhatsApp, do you ever wonder what the terms “Calling” and “Ringing” really mean?

It’s easy to become confused, yet knowing the difference is essential. Well, you need not look any further. Here, we’ll explain everything in detail. We’re going to break down what “Calling” and “Ringing” signify when making a call using WhatsApp.

After reading this, you’ll know exactly when your call is on its way and when it’s ringing on the other person’s phone. So, let’s get started and understand how WhatsApp calls work so you can communicate easily.

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What’s the difference between Calling and Ringing on WhatsApp?

Short Answer: The difference between calling and ringing in WhatsApp is that the former refers to the process of entering a WhatsApp number to initiate a call, while the latter signifies that the call has connected and the recipient’s phone is currently getting the incoming call.


When you make a call using WhatsApp, the app will attempt to establish a connection with the person you’re trying to reach. The screen will display “Calling” while this is happening. It’s like when you dial a regular phone number, and the phone makes that dialing sound.

Now, here’s the key part: even if “Calling” appears on your screen, the individual you’re reaching out to still has no idea that you’re calling them. They are unaware that you are attempting to contact them since their phone hasn’t begun ringing. The status will change to “Ringing” after your call is connected and the recipient’s phone begins to ring.

Therefore, “Calling” indicates that your phone is attempting to establish contact but that the other party’s phone has not yet begun to ring. When the status switches to “Ringing,” it indicates that the person’s phone is ringing, but they haven’t yet answered it.

If you’ve been “Calling” someone for a while and it hasn’t changed to “Ringing,” it might be because of a problem with your internet connection or because the person you’re trying to reach has switched off their phone.

WhatsApp call Ringing vs. Calling

In order to keep you updated on the progress of your call, WhatsApp provides you with two options: “Calling” and “Ringing.” Now, let’s go over a few important aspects that show the difference between calling and ringing:


WhatsApp's calling mode

  • Making the Call

When you tap the call button in WhatsApp, it initially displays “Calling.” If you see this, it means your phone is actively attempting to connect to the other person’s device. It’s quite similar to dialing a number on a regular old phone.

  • Recipient’s Awareness

Most importantly, the recipient does not know of your call attempt during the “Calling” stage. In other words, their phone is not yet ringing. So, at this point, the person you’re trying to reach has not realized that you’re trying to get in touch.

Only once the receiver checks their WhatsApp and sees a “Missed Call” notification will they know that they were called. If you tried to contact a person whose phone was unavailable, WhatsApp would display a message saying as much in the chat window. The receiver will not get a “Missed Call” indication, however, if they block your number.


WhatsApp's ringing mode

  • Transition from ‘Calling’

After a short while, the “Calling” mode will change to “Ringing”. Once the status changes to “Ringing,” you know WhatsApp was able to connect the phone call to the recipient’s smartphone.

  • Recipient’s Awareness

Ringing indicates that the recipient’s phone is actively letting them know you’ve called. That is to say, they are aware of your efforts to communicate with them at this time. A “Missed Call” notification will be sent if the receiver fails to pick up the call while it is in the “Ringing” phase, alerting them that they missed the call.



1. How to know if someone is on a WhatsApp call?

If you try to contact someone on WhatsApp while they are in the middle of another call, you will most likely be met with a message reading “On another call.”

This could mean that they are on a regular phone call with someone else or that they are using WhatsApp to have a video or audio call. You may also check their active status to get a sense of whether or not they are on a call, although that’s not a foolproof approach.

You could also try installing a third-party WhatsApp monitoring app if you’re truly curious. However, keep in mind that it’s important to respect the privacy and consent of the individuals you’re trying to connect with or track.

Final Words

No more guessing whether your WhatsApp call is truly going through to the other person or if it’s simply stuck in the ‘Calling’ phase; we’ve solved the mystery behind “Calling” and “Ringing”! The next time you see any of those statuses you’ll know exactly what’s happening on both ends of the line.

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