Tinder Symbol Meaning (With Images)

Online dating applications are changing the perspective of finding true love. With several options available in the market, Tinder has a separate fanbase. It offers a range of features to the users making it a favorite for the young generation.

While going through these details, the different symbols are one of the attractive features of this online dating platform. So today, let me help you to find out the details of top Tinder symbol meanings.

Tinder Symbol Meaning

What does lightning bolt mean on Tinder?

Lightning bolt

The lightning bolt on Tinder indicates the “Boost” feature. It allows the users to increase their profile visibility for some time. Hence, the lightning bolt symbol represents the immediate boost to your profile for getting more matches for the next thirty minutes.

What does blue star mean on Tinder?

Star symbol

The start symbol on Tinder means the “Super Like” feature. Hence, it allows Tinder users to show that they’re highly interested in someone. It is shown to the user next to your name before they select to like or match with your profile. Hence, it is a quick way of showing your interest in some profile.

What does gold heart mean on Tinder?

Gold heart symbol

The gold heart symbol on Tinder means the use of the Tinder Gold or Platinum services. So, the gold heart on any profile indicates that the user has already liked you before you like them. Hence, it gives an idea to you if a profile is interested in you on Tinder.

Here, while understanding the gold heart symbol, learn ‘You Matched Thanks To Tinder Gold’ Meaning.

What does blue tick mean on Tinder?

Blue tick symbol

If you find a blue tick symbol on any Tinder profile, it indicates that the profile is verified. Hence, the blue tick indicates that the profile is a real person and less likely to be a bot or fake profile. So, you can go ahead with the profile as its credibility and authenticity are ensured with the blue tick.

What does gold diamond mean on Tinder?

gold diamond symbol

The gold diamond symbol on the Tinder profile means the top picks by the Tinder platform. Hence, when you see a gold diamond icon next to the profile, it indicates that the profile is in the top picks of the day by Tinder itself. It is based on the profiles which you’ve liked previously.

What does green heart mean on Tinder?

Green heart symbol

The green heart on the Tinder is the like feature of the app. Hence, you can put a green heart on any profile which is the hint that you’re interested in the profile.

What does the rewind symbol mean on Tinder?

Rewind symbol

It is similar to the undo symbol as it allows the users to rewind their swipe action. It helps in the change of the swipe, like, or super-like action if accidentally performed.

What does the red X symbol mean on Tinder?


The red X symbol on Tinder means that you’re not interested in the profile. Hence, it is similar to swiping left on a photo. So, if you tap on the red X symbol on any profile, then it will get automatically hidden from your future view.

What does the share symbol mean on Tinder?

share icon

The share button on Tinder allows users to share the profiles of other users on Tinder on different social media platforms and messaging apps. Hence, it becomes easy to share Tinder profiles with friends and ask them for their opinions.

What does the black heart symbol mean on Tinder?

black heart symbol

The black heart symbol on Tinder is a feature of the Tinder Platinum subscription. Hence, it allows you to see who has liked you and allows the feature to match with them quickly.

So, all you need to do is click on the profile and check if a black heart along with three small lines appears next to the name of the profile.

What does the blue camera symbol mean on Tinder?

blue camera symbol

The blue camera symbol on Tinder means the option of a video chat with your match. It allows the users to have a face-to-face video chat with the match after activating the face-to-face feature for both profiles.

What does the blue shield symbol mean on Tinder?

blue shield symbol

The blue shield symbol on Tinder gives an additional safety layer to the user. It gives an option to unmatch the profile or report the user. Hence, you can click on this symbol, and then select the unmatch option.

What does blue double-check marks symbol mean on Tinder?

double check icon

The blue double check mark and plus symbol indicate Tinder’s read receipt feature for premium users. It is a service available in packs of 5, 10, and 20. Further, it is easy to use one read receipt credit per match.

Further, if you wish to keep your activity private on Tinder, all you need to do is turn off the read receipts in the pp using the following steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the Tinder app and open the “Settings” option.
  • Step 2: Select the “Manage Read Receipts” option and then uncheck the box. Here, the read receipts will be turned off.

What does the green dot symbol mean on Tinder?

green dot on Tinder

The green dot symbol on Tinder means that the profile was recently active within the last 24 hours. It is available to Tinder users with Tinder Gold and Platinum memberships.

What does the red dot symbol mean on Tinder?

red dot symbol on Tinder

The red dot symbol on Tinder appears along the profile photo, which hints at the new match with your account. It further indicates the notifications and new messages received.

What does the noonlight symbol mean on Tinder?

moonlight symbol on Tinder

The noonlight symbol on Tinder represents a safety feature. It allows the users to share their location information with specific authorities, family members, and friends. To use it, you must download a separate noonlight app which is a third-party service, and then connect it with your Tinder account.

What does the pin symbol mean on Tinder?

pin icon

The pin symbol indicates that the profile has used the “Tinder Places” feature. It indicates that the person has pinned a specific location. Hence, you can go through the different favorite spots of the profile user. If there is a constant pin symbol at a profile, it hints that the person has selected to share this location with other users.


Parting thoughts

So, no more confusion in understanding the meaning of the different symbols while using Tinder. It is easy to understand the meaning of lightning bolt, star, gold heart, blue tick, gold diamond, green heart, and other symbols in the article mentioned above.

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