Seren 2.0.17 update Released (Download now)

As you already know, we have a category dedicated to Kodi on our blog website. Now, there are multiple reasons for it. First of all, Kodi is free and open-source in nature. It also implies that it does not have any ads, recommendations, premium charges, and more. Maybe this is the reason why the majority of users prefer Kodi over some other available alternatives. Another major asset to Kodi is its add-ons. One such popular add-on is Seren. 

In case you do not know, add-ons are a sort of additional programs or mini software aimed at a specific task. Now, you can treat these Kodi add-ons similar to Chrome extensions. So, if you need it, then you get it. You can search and install add-ons depending on your interest and preference. But, in this article, we shall limit this to Seren. 

Recently, Seren 2.0.17 update is released. So, there are some interesting features and required bug fixes in this update. Let us take a closer look at the entire changelog of this new Seren update. On that note, let’s get started. 

Seren 2.0.17 update changelog for Kodi: 

Many users have been reporting some issues in the Seren for quite some time now. So, it seems that the developers have tried to address most of them with this update. To begin with, they have fixed the resume progress indicators, search results for certain shows, and TVDB empty data. Also, in the download manager, this update fixes Matrix UI spins as well as isFolder bool. Not to mention, Simplejson decodes error is also fixed. 

Also, they have added support for clearing bookmarks on Matrix, check for invalid list position, provider package version, and Android timezone detection. Apart from this, they have updated danish language settings. Now, this may not make sense for those who do not watch Danish. But, in case you do, then it is a good thing to have. So, this changelog is meant only for specific users.

On the note of specific users, Seren update has fixed the timezone code which was earlier taking the Unix path. Also, the timestamp creating for the UTC complaint is handled. For those who binge-watch seasons and seasons of web series, this new update brings studio info value. If you have a habit of viewing with subtitles, then this update has fixed the bugs of a4ksubtitles. Also, finished watching list bugs and multi-select genres paging are fixed. 


To sum up, there are some other under the hood changes which may not come into user notice but may make a difference in the viewing experience. Overall, make sure to download this new update right now and stay on top of things. So, you can go into the add-ons section and update your Seren for Kodi. For more such details, you can check out our other Kodi related articles here. On that note, consider sharing this with other friends and colleagues who also use Kodi. 

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