[6 Reasons] Phone Rings Several times (3-4) then Hangs Up

Have you ever experienced a situation where you call someone, it rings several times, and then hang up?

You probably have, and that’s why you are here to read why it happens and may also be wondering whether the person has blocked you or not if the phone calls several times but no answer or hangs up.

I have also experienced such a situation and knew I was not blocked. I wanted to find out why the phone rings several times and hangs up (in case I was not blocked).

Turns out that there can be many reasons why it can happen. So, let’s get started with what are those reasons.

Why does Phone rings several times then hangs up?

1. The person hasn’t setup Voicemail

It is possible that the person hasn’t set up their voicemail, which is why the call rings several times and then hangs up, especially if your call rings several times and hangs up with a voicemail.

In this case, the call is not being ignored, but rather the phone system is programmed to stop ringing after a certain number of rings if the call is not answered or if there is no voicemail set up.

2. An issue with the Voicemail server

If you call someone and the phone rings for a while but then stops or hangs up without going to voicemail, it means there can be a problem with the connection.

The ringing sound you hear is not coming from the person’s phone but from a local switch.

If the call doesn’t go to voicemail, it could be because there’s an issue with the voicemail server or the link to it. The call is getting dropped somewhere along the way before it can reach the voicemail server.

3. Network issues

The next reason why a phone ring only a few times and then hangs up could be due to a poor network connection.

This can happen if they are in an area with low signal strength or if there is a problem with their network provider.

In this case, you can text message the person. If the text messages are also not delivered, the person is in a bad network area.

You can try calling the person after some time.

Moreover, you can also try calling the person on WhatsApp or other social media apps such as Instagram or Facebook in case the person is connected to Wi-Fi but have a bad mobile network.

4. The Recipient is Busy on another call or occupied

Moving forward, another common reason for a phone to ring only 4 times and then hang up is that the recipient is currently on another call or is otherwise occupied. 

When the person you are calling is busy on another call, their phone will ring for a limited number of times before it automatically ends the call.

Also, the person might be in a meeting or at a place where they cannot pick up the call and declining the call after it rings.

5. The Recipient has Call Forwarding Set Up

The next reason could be that the person has a call forwarding setup.

If the recipient has call forwarding set up on their phone, this could also cause the phone to ring only 2–4 times and then hang up.

This can happen if their phone is set to forward calls to another number, which could be experiencing similar issues, or if their phone is set to block certain numbers.

6. The person is ignoring your call / Manually Ended the Call

Lastly, if a phone rings several times and then goes to voicemail, it may mean that the recipient is either not available or ignoring the call intentionally.

The recipient may be busy, in a meeting, or simply choosing not to answer the call.

In this case, you can try calling after sometime.

Phone rings 4 times then hangs up, am I blocked

Not necessarily. If your call rings four times and then hangs up, it could mean that the person you are trying to call has a poor signal, their phone is turned off, or they are in an area with no network coverage. There could also be a problem with the phone network or the person’s voicemail server.

In some cases, it could mean that the person has blocked your number, but there are other reasons why a call might not go through as explained above in the post.

It’s best to try calling again later or send a text message to confirm if you have been blocked.

To know about you can read our guide : What Happens When You Call Someone Who Blocked You

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