What Happens when you Call Someone who Blocked You

Call blocking is a great feature that helps you mute a caller who is spam-calling or disturbing you. But this feature seems like a nightmare when a close friend or family member blocks you.

There can be many reasons why someone decided to block you, but you might have wondered what exactly happens when you call someone who blocked you.

Here, in this post, we will answer the same question.

And along with an appropriate answer, you will find other related details too.

What happens when you call someone who blocked You

Short Answer: When you call someone who blocked your number, you will hear a single or double ring, and your call will go directly to the voicemail, and the blocker’s phone won’t ring.

Depending on the mobile carrier, you might hear an automated voice message stating that the user you are trying to call is busy or unreachable.

It doesn’t matter if the user who blocked you owns an Android or an iOS device; you will get similar results. Your call won’t connect, and you will be asked to voicemail the user.

Well, there is nothing much that happens when you are blocked. But, the user who blocked you might get a silent non-popping notification stating that they received a call from a blocked number.

But that is not the case with all devices. In our testing, we found that most Android smartphone makers like – OnePlus and Xiaomi show a notification stating that a call from a blocked number has been received. Check the screenshot attached below, for instance.

Notification when a blocked number calls you (Android)
Blocked Calls notification on Oneplus

Samsung on the other hand, shows the missed call from blocked numbers in the Recent section in call logs with a block icon before the name. But, your phone never rings for the blocked calls.

blocked calls in call log Samsung phone
Blocked calls in call logs on Samsung

When it comes to iPhone, there is no mercy. If you have been blocked by an iPhone user, they won’t be getting any kind of notification about receiving a call from a blocked number. You can only send a voicemail, which the iPhone user receives without any notification.

Unlike Android devices, no notification appears when a blocked user tries to connect with an iPhone user.

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How to know if someone has blocked your number

Well, there is no sure shot method to find if the user has blocked you, but there are several signs that can help you understand if there is a probability.

1. Make calls at different times

Try calling them at different times of the day. If the call goes directly to voicemail after ringing one or two times each time, it could mean that your number has been blocked by the user.

2. Message delivered on WhatsApp but not on iMessage

The second method to check if you are blocked is to check if the message sent by you on WhatsApp and iMessage is delivered.

As you can tell, this method only works on iPhone users; if you own an Android device, it is tough to inquire if you are blocked.

When you block a contact on iPhone, they are automatically blocked from other Apple services like – FaceTime, iMessage, etc. iPhone doesn’t auto-block the user on third-party apps like WhatsApp.

That’s how you can check if you are blocked.

Send a text message on WhatsApp and iMessage simultaneously. If the message has been received by the user on WhatsApp but not on iMessage, it could mean you are blocked.

This method doesn’t work if you are blocked on WhatsApp as well. If you are wondering, there are ways to check if you are blocked on WhatsApp.

What happens when you call a blocked number

The blocked user has several restrictions when they try to call you. But, even if you have blocked a user, you can still call them.

The blocked user will get your call like any other call they get from any other user.

So, yes, nothing special happens when you call a blocked number.

How to tell if you’re blocked on iPhone without calling

There is no specific way to tell if you’re blocked on iPhone without calling. The best way is still to call them and if the call goes straight to voicemail everytime, it could mean that you have been blocked.



Now, you know what exactly happens, from a blocker perspective, when you call someone who blocked you on their phone.

We have also mentioned the ways to check if someone has blocked you. Hope this article answers all of your questions.

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