[3 Ways] Fix Philips Roku TV has no sound but not muted?

Watching soundless, a total mute movie in this era is not a good idea. Though many of us must be suffering from these similar issues but they have no one to help them. So, today we have taken the lead to let you know how to fix the “Philips Roku TV has no sound” issue instantly.

Philips Roku TV is a vast smart TV brand. You get all the things you require to watch a movie conveniently comes with a simple home screen, handy remote control, and automated software updates. 

Philips is a Japanese company that manufactures its TVs for the US market under the Funai brand, making it easy to forget about the company that competes against TCL and Vizio. 

The new Philips Roku Smart TV starting price ranges between Rs. 21,990 to Rs. 50,991. It’s actually very affordable for most of the population across the world.

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Its features are actually mind-boggling, bringing your TV experience to a whole new level & a perfect USP to increase its vendibility in the market. 

  • Its incredible picture clarity showcases any fast-paced scenery or motion, so you never miss anything.
  • 120 PMR delivers unprecedented motion sharpness to your TV. 
  • It has various screen sizes and includes HDR10+ support and Dolby audio experience.
  • 4K Ultra HD has 4x the resolution of Full HD. With HDR technology and breathtaking colors, you can watch TV in even greater detail. 
  • Stunning visuals and unbelievably vivid colors ensure you can see your favorite entertainment as if it were real.
  • It’s well-compatible with a few voice-enabled devices, such as Hey Google, Alexa & Apple Airplay.

 In a nutshell, Phillips Roku TV is a useful device for the ones looking forward to watching live TV, movies and shows, etc. Start streaming & having access to your favorite movies and TV shows – all from your home screen.


Always keep these aspects in your mind before looking for its solutions as this alone could save you ample time & can also become much more chaotic if overlooked.

  1. Increase the Volume (if low) using your remote control.
  2. Press the MUTE button on the remote control to ensure it’s not on mute.
  3. Disconnect any earphones or headsets. 
  4. When no signal is detected, the TV automatically switches off the sound. No need to worry!
  5. You can only use SPDIF connections with external audio equipment that has digital channels.

Why does my Philips Roku TV have no sound?

Let’s quickly get into the reasons behind the “Philips Roku TV has no sound” issue so that we can head on to the solutions in order to fix it:

  • If your remote control’s volume is set to mute it could lead to the “Philips Roku TV has no sound” issue.
  • Check whether your speakers are off or not. If not, the Volume mode in your TV’s setting must be set on Night or Leveling.
  • A poor internet connection at your place (requires rebooting) or loose HDMI & sound cables could lead to the issue too.
  • In case, the TV SPEAKERS are turned off in the TV menu, or a bug with a software update & junky damaged hardware is found could be a little bit problematic.
  • There is an option to set SPEAKERS Easy Link mode in the TV SPEAKERS menu. When this mode is engaged, the TV speakers have muted automatically. Hence, causing the “Philips Roku TV has no sound” issue.

How to Fix Philips Roku TV has no sound?

Method 1: Restart Roku TV

Press the home button for straight 5 times in a row, up arrow button for oncerewind & fast forward button twice. Leave your Phillips Roku TV for a while, your TV will be rebooted after 15 seconds.

Use Philips Roku TV remote key combinations


Go back to the show you were watching & check whether these unique key combinations have fixed the issue or not. If not, then do the following:

Make sure your TV is on, plug out your TV from the wall power outlet or surge protector, wait for a while (20 sec at least) before plugging it back in.

Unplug your Roku TVto recover picture with sound
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Again turn on your TV & check if the issue is resolved or not. If not, move ahead to the next solution.

Method 2: Turn On TV Speakers In The TV Menu

Now you have to press the ‘MENU’ button using your remote control & go to the main menu. There you have to opt for ‘TV SETTINGS’ and press the cursor right.

Scroll down a bit & select SOUND or AUDIO in TV settings. Press the cursor right to select TV SPEAKERS.

If the speakers are off, they will not output any kind of sound. So, you have to turn it on.

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Make sure the MASTER EasyLink is activated in the PREFERENCES menu. When SPEAKERS EasyLink is selected, audio from HDMI-connected devices will be automatically played through the TV when system audio control is enabled.

When OFF is selected, the TV speakers will be switched off. Kindly exit from the menu.

Method 3: Factory Reset/Reset Audio Settings Your Roku TV

Be aware of the fact that your personal preferences will vanish from the TV, your account will be unlinked from the TV, & it will require all the setup process again of the initial stage.

These steps are contributing to a Soft Factory Reset in your TV:

  • Press the Home button using your Roku remote control.
  • Scroll down a little bit and select Settings.
  • Opt for System > then, Advanced System Settings.
  • Select Factory Reset.
  • Apply & Confirm the factory reset and enter the special code provided.
  • It will start the process of factory reset in your TV.
How to Factory Reset Roku TV
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These steps are contributing to a Hard Factory Reset in your TV:

  • Look for the reset button on your Roku TV.
  • Press and hold the reset button for a while.
  • On the Roku device, the power indicator light will blink rapidly when the factory reset is complete. You can then release the reset button.

Final Words

This article will help you find an easy & instant solution in order to fix the issue.

Reboot/Restart your Roku TV, Turn On TV Speakers In The TV Menu, & Factory reset are contributing to those instant solutions to fix “Philips Roku TV has no sound” issue.

I hope it helps & do spread it if it felt insightful to you all.

Thank You 🙂

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