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Acer Monitor Keeps Turning Off (Try These Fixes)

Have you ever been frustrated by your Acer monitor randomly turning off during important tasks? If this often happens, it's likely a technical issue.  Luckily, here is a simple guide

Naima Zubair 8 Min Read

[11 Ways] How to Fix HBO Max can’t play title Safari (2023)

Why isn't HBO MAX working on Safari? Want to fix unable to play HBO MAX titles on Safari? Read this

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What Happens When You Block Someone On OkCupid

Ever wondered what happens when you block someone on OkCupid or vice versa? I know I have, and I’ve been

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How to screen share to Hisense TV (iPhone & Android)

Hisense TV is a great choice for a cheap and smart device. Today we are going to discuss a smart

Dilha Saleem 9 Min Read

Why does Facebook say I have a message

Facebook brought to its users the most intriguing tech of all times, with only a click. Connecting with others has never been so easy. So today we are going to

Dilha Saleem 8 Min Read

How to turn off standby on dish hopper (2023)

Hopper is a line of digital recording set-top boxes for recording your favorite Tv shows and movies. Dish hopper lets

Benisha Lama 8 Min Read

Why are My Saved Contacts Showing Up As Numbers on Android

If you're wondering why stored contacts on Android appear as numbers, you've come to the right spot. Smartphones have rapidly

Abhishek Nath 12 Min Read

Fix not registered on network on Samsung phones

Have you ever come across this message which says Not registered on the network. Now, this error annoys you a lot when

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