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Instagram Show Wrong Number Of Followers (Reasons)

Most of us use Instagram every day. But, we also face a ton of issues on the platform. Users face various issues from app bugs to intermittent crashing and everything

Arvind Rueben 8 Min Read

If You Rewatch Someone’s Snapchat Story, Does It Tell Them

Snapchat stories are a fun way to share tidbits of your day-to-day life. When you post a story, everyone on

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Can you use more than one coupon on Shein?

Coupons reduce the price of the item. Like all the other shopping apps, Shein too is famous for the coupons

Nandini 8 Min Read

Fix: LG TV Black and White Screen Problem

LG TVs are renowned for their vibrant picture quality, stylish design, and a great selection of LG apps. However, like

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What is the Middle button on Facebook Dating

Wondering what the middle button on Facebook Dating implies? Want to know more about the Facebook Dating smiley button? Well, you have found the right door to knock on if

Akshita Pattanayak 4 Min Read

Fix: Samsung Soundbar Not Connecting to Bluetooth

In order to improve the whole experience of viewing TV, Samsung soundbars were developed. The reasoning for the invention of

Abhishek Nath 12 Min Read

How to get rid of ads on Tubi TV

There are many media streaming apps we have discussed. But if you are looking for a legitimate, free to use,

Shujaat Karim 9 Min Read

Fix: ‘Unable to Receive Message, Message Blocking is Active’

Are you feeling frustrated because you're unable to receive messages? You might be experiencing a message-blocking issue, which can be

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