If You x Someone On Hinge Can They Still Like You

Dating apps have become rather famous in the past decade. Almost every young adult is on some dating site, trying to find their soulmate. Hinge is one of the most famous of these applications. Have you ever thought about what happens if any person x someone on Hinge?

It works on an algorithm through which the potential matches are recommended to anyone. On hinge, if you x someone is the same as swiping left. And it begs the question that, if you rejected someone, will that person still be able to see you and like you?
In this article, we try to explain the answer if you x someone on Hinge can they still like you?

If you X someone on Hinge, can they still like you?

Short Answer: Yes, if you x someone on Hinge, they can still like you. The recommendation of profiles is based on an algorithm and your likes and dislikes. Whether you x someone or not, you will get recommended. The only way you won’t appear on someone’s discovery feed is if you block them.


If you swipe left on Hinge, can they still like you?

Yes, if you swipe left, which means, if you dislike someone on Hinge, they can still swipe right on your profile. The Hinge algorithm works in a way that shows the potential people, and liking or disliking someone does not affect it. If someone you swiped left on, your discovery page was to see your profile and they can swipe right if they want to.
There is only one way you can stop yourself from appearing on someone’s discovery page. You can achieve the same by simply blocking them when you see their profile.
Even there is a chance that you will see the person you swiped left on, again on your discovery feed. As swiping left is just you swiping through the cards, the cards are chosen by the algorithm and not your preference as such.

How to know if someone x you on Hinge?

Unfortunately, there is no way to find out whether someone has liked you or disliked you on Hinge. This is to maintain the privacy and safety of the users. You can’t find out if someone has liked you or disliked you on Hinge. There is no notification even if someone likes you. The only notification Hinge sends out is when you get a match. Getting a match requires both the parties to like each other.
Suppose you liked someone on Hinge, and you did not receive any notification of getting a match. In this scenario also, you can only assume that they probably swiped left on you. There is also a chance that your profile never appeared on their discovery feed. There is no way to find out if anyone x someone on Hinge or not. This is just how the site works.
Now, there are some third-party applications one can use to determine their status on someone else feeds. However, it is illicit to use such kind of applications to get internal information. Not only there is a risk of getting your account banned, but also of viruses one might get. While downloading these third-party applications, one might download some malicious software and put your privacy and your device at risk.


Final words

In the end, we hope the answer to the x someone on Hinge is clear to you. Dating apps like Hinge have gained immense popularity these days and it’s important to understand how it works.

If you x someone (swipe left) on Hinge, they can still like you, as your actions do not affect their visibility. Hinge maintains user privacy by not revealing who liked or disliked your profile. There is no way to know if someone  “x” you. There is no way to know if someone liked or disliked you.

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