How to use Game Mode in Realme X

Realme, the Chinese smartphone maker, launched the new Realme X recently. Realme X is the first flagship smartphone by the company, which falls under the affordable flagship title. Realme launched the device with tons of features under the price tag of Rs. 20,000. Realme X features SD 710 processor which might not be a flagship-grade processor, but it is authoritative for sure. Games run smooth and lag-free on the device. With a powerful processor, the device comes with a Game Mode to enhance the gaming experience of the users. Here, we will discuss how to use game mode in Realme X. Also, the essential features of the game mode.

How to use Game Mode in Realme X

The game mode in Realme X and other Realme devices is called Game Space, which is powered by the ColorOS. 


How to turn on Game Mode in Realme X?

Well, it’s simple. First of all, go to the device Settings and search for Game Space. Here, you can select the Game Space on Homescreen for easy access. By doing this, the Game Space app will be added on your device.

You can add the games in the Game Space app. To do this, tap on the (+) to add games that you’ve downloaded then toggle to green the game that you want to transfer to Game Space. Next time, you can start the game right from the Game Space app.


Game Mode in Realme X features –

Game mode in Realme X comes with lots of features. These features are handy, and you must use them on your device to enhance the overall gaming experience.


  • Mute Incoming Calls and Notifications –

Incoming calls and notifications can be very irritating during intense gaming sessions. In the Game Space app, you can mute them quickly. Go to the Game Space app and tap on the Phone icon to manage the calls and notifications during the gaming sessions.

How to use Game Mode in Realme X


  • Graphics Acceleration –

The Game mode in Realme X comes with graphics acceleration. This feature amplifies the graphics of the game. To turn on this feature, go to device Settings, and search for Game Space. And tap on the Graphics Acceleration button to enable the feature.

How to use Game Mode in Realme X


  • Game Space Sidebar.

This feature enables the multi-purpose Smart Sidebar during the gaming session. To enable this feature, go to Settings, then Game Space and finally tap on the button next to Game Sidebar to enable.

How to use Game Mode in Realme X


  • Game Engine –
    This feature elevates the performance of the game through custom optimization.


  • Smoothness Optimization of Game –
    Intelligently allocate system resources for a lag-free gaming session.


  • Network Protection
    This feature in Game Space restricts the network access of background apps for the best gaming experience. Best when you are playing online games.


  • Answer Calls with Ease
    Video invitations will be prompted on banners so that games will not be interrupted.


This is all about the Game Mode in Realme X. If you have any queries related to the steps for How to use Game Mode in Realme X, you can ask us in the comments section below.

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