How to import playlists to PLEX

Plex is a free streaming media center where you can watch live TV channels, movies, shows, series, and more. Also, it is one of the best options available when it comes to free media centers. To give you a perspective, you can watch more than 20k movies and shows altogether. Now, this number is something that will hardly fall short. The library is diverse concerning genres such as music, movies, comedy, adventure, and more.

As mentioned above, Plex is available for free. In this way, you can download it on Android, iOS, Chromecast, Fire Stick, Roku, Windows, Mac, and other devices. But it also offers Plex Pass, where you get some additional features. For instance, you get download support, high-quality audio, intro skip, 4k support, lyrics for available music titles, and other controls. So, you can go ahead and get the Plex Pass for $4.99 per month. For the annual plan and lifetime plan, the prices are $39.99 and $119.99.

Plex v8.12.3 released for Android

Despite all the features, there is one vital thing missing. Well, it is the ability to import playlists to Plex from other platforms. It is such a simple feature that you might have noticed now that it was not present earlier. Finally, it is what it is. They could have included this feature with a few needed changes. But, as of now, you cannot import playlists to Plex. Well, here are a couple of workaround ways to do that.

How to import playlists to Plex:

First things first, the methods mentioned in this article are not official. Instead, we included the tools through which you do the same thing. Anyways, it does the job. With that out, here are the tools. 

1. Soundiiz:

The first tool in this list is Soundiiz. In fact, through this tool, you can import your playlist just like any document conversion. First, click here for the official website. Log in with your Plex account on this web app. Next, go to the Playlists section and tap on import playlist in the top right corner. In the import method, select from file and Plex as the destination. As a result, you can transfer the playlist to Plex. 

2. Musconv: 

Similar to the above tool, you can also use Musconv to import the playlists to Plex. The steps are that you need to select M3U as the source file. Select the files or the playlist on your device. In the Playlist tab, click on transfer and select Plex in the destination option. It may seem a little confusing, but the interface is self-explanatory.

3. HTTP Request: 

Open the Plex web app and navigate to the music file that you want to import. In the play bar, click on three dots and select Get Info -> View XML. In the new window, you need to copy the X-Plex Token and librarysectionID. Now, download the Postman app. Create a new request. In the request form, select the POST option for the drop-down menu and enter the requested URL for your file. Finally, click on Send. On a side note, you can refer to this subreddit post for more details. 


In summary, the lack of native tool is the biggest letdown. In fact, many users have been complaining about this feature for many months. Hopefully, we may see it coming in the next update. Till then, you can follow the above methods to import your files to the Plex. Also, consider sharing it with other Plex users.

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