How can I know if my iPhone battery was actually replaced?

All rechargeable batteries are consumables and have a limited lifespan — eventually their capacity and performance decline so that they need to be replaced. iPhone uses built-in, high-quality lithium-ion batteries. They’re rigorously designed, tested, and manufactured to meet Apple’s quality and performance standards. These genuine Apple batteries have also been certified for safety.

The warning message –

The battery in your iPhone cannot be verified and reported battery health information isn’t available. This might be due to the installation of a battery that is not a new, genuine battery.”

But this message applies to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and later as clarified by Apple.

Responding to criticism that it’s trying to steer consumers toward more expensive battery replacements, Apple claimed that the “important battery message” added to iOS is there in the name of customer safety. It was recently discovered that when an iPhone’s battery is swapped out by a third-party repair shop that isn’t one of Apple’s authorized partners, the device’s battery health menu will show an ominous warning about being “unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine iPhone battery.”

This can happen even if a genuine Apple battery is used; the warning stems from a micro-controller that only authorized technicians can properly configure. If iOS doesn’t detect the right micro-controller, it hides the usual battery health stats and displays the warning.

However by using 3U tools a user can check whether the battery is replaced or it is the original one.

battery warning

3U tools

  A software primarily used as files and data management tool but it can also be used to know about some vital information using verification reports such as information about the battery serial number or motherboard serial number e.t.c

So how to check whether your iPhone battery is original or not?

  1. Connect your i phone with a pc having 3U tools installed via USB cable
  2. Specifications of your phone will appear on the screen, scroll down, and select the option ‘view verification report’.
  3. After selecting that, another window will appear which will display the whole list.

In that list, 3 columns will be there – Test item, Ex-factory value, and Read value.

Where Ex-factory value will tell the original serial number of the battery when the phone came out of the factory, and the real value which shows the serial number of the battery which is in use. If there is a difference in the serial number, we can be sure that the battery is replaced.

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