Fix Seren Kodi 19 Real debrid issue

Kodi, as you all know, is so popular among the various categories of users. There are multiple reasons why users adopt Kodi over any of its competition. Some of them use it because it is free and open source. On the other hand, some use it for constant updates and community support. Along with this, one major thing in Kodi is its add-ons. For starters, add-ons are small apps or extensions which you can add as per your need. On the note of add-ons, Seren is one of them. 

To start with, Seren is one of the most popular Kodi add-ons. That thing that makes Seren stand out from the rest is its multiple server support. It means that you can use multiple services, whether offline or online, under a single add-on. Also, Seren filled with features. Some of them include download manager, torrent servers, fast and efficient, matrix support, and much more. On a side note, Seren has recently released a 2.0 version. It brings even more features and speed navigation for its users. 

Also, do remember that to use Seren, you need a Real debrid account subscription. And talking about the Real debrid account, some users have reported an error in this case. In other words, whenever you play anything in Seren for Kodi 19, it displays the JSDN decode error. So, if you are also facing the same issue, then stick around till the end to get the solution for it. 

Fix Seren Kodi 19 Real debrid: 

Before getting to the Seren issue, let us look at the Real debrid. As mentioned above, to use Seren, you need a Real debrid account. In case you do not know, Real debrid is a file hosting service where you can watch and download movies, shows, etc. on multiple sources. This service has more than 50 supported names of hosts. So, not only for Seren, Real debrid is useful for the overall Kodi also. 

Now, the first thing to do is reactivate your debrid account. Just log out and then log in again. In this way, you can reauthorise your account and try again. Also, on a similar note, you can restart the Kodi and the hardware device you use. Along with that, you can check for the updates available for Kodi or Seren under the device settings. If any, then update it and open it again. 

The last thing under those fix is a little technical. So, first, open the file. In this file, all you need to do is replace from json.decoder import JSONDecodeError with from simplejson.errors import JSONDecodeError. It means that you need to change the attribute under the same library of JSONDecodeError. 


To conclude, the fix is a tricky one. But, the good part is that this is a known bug. So, if you wish not to alter any such unknown settings, then just wait for the update. Along with that, you can follow the Reddit panel and GitHub page to stay updated. Lastly, share this article with your friends if you find this article useful. 

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