Fix Miracle box not working 2021

Miracle Box is no less than a miracle in itself. For those who do not know, Miracle box is a windows software through which you can modify some of the core settings on your smartphone. These include removing root access, bypassing FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock even without a Gmail account, bootloader unlock, and much more. Also, the good part is that it supports almost every Android smartphone out there. 

Now, these smartphones include Qualcomm or MediaTek chipsets powered devices. It also means that some niche category of Samsung Exynos, Huawei Kirin, Unisoc are missing. Well, as you all know, this is just a piece of the smartphone world. Anyways, you can easily find the dedicated similar tools for other chipsets manufacturers as well. 

So, coming back to the Miracle box, it is a professional tool. It means that to deal with such software, you require a sufficient amount of knowledge in the field of rooting, flashing, and more. Also, in some cases, you may notice some bugs while dealing with any issue. On a side note, the Miracle box supports Windows XP and higher. In simple words, every Windows device right now will support this software. 

But, right now, we will limit our discussion to the Miracle box. Specifically, in this article, we will help you out to fix the Miracle box not working. But before that, the process may differ in every case. So, make sure to proceed carefully and get to the proper solution for your case. 

Fix Miracle Box not working: 

Step 1: Click on the link given below and download the zip file on your PC. The file size is around 600 MB. So, wait for a few minutes. 

Step 2: After the file downloads, open it and unzip the file to get the proper files. In this case, you may use any unzipping software such as WinRAR. 

Step 3: Next up, you can find two zip folders again. So, do the same with these two zip folders as well. 

Step 4: Among these two, the XTM file contains an application file. So, copy and paste it into another folder named Miracle Box Thunder. 

Step 5: Run the XTM application file and tap on click here to fix the Miracle box. That’s it. 

Although the process seems simple and straightforward, there is a small catch. To get the proper downloadable file, you may need to disable a couple of things. These include adblocker, antivirus protection, VPN, and others. It is because these ads support the website to bring such solutions for free. So, it is equally required for us to support them by disabling any adblockers. 


Long story short, downloading the correct file is the only major hurdle for this process. Apart from that, the rest of the things will hardly take your time. In this way, you can fix the Miracle box. If the problem continues, you might need to search for other articles, forums, Reddit discussion panels, and more. On that note, share this with your friends who use the Miracle box.