Google Play Console issue (4A3C9E78): An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again.

Google Play Console is a great platform for all the Android app developers out there. With this tool, you can bring out your innovative ideas and creative ways to develop apps. Be it any high-end apps for the device or just a lightweight productivity tool. You can upload and showcase your developing skills on Google Play Console.

Now, Google Play Console is not completely free. This requires only onetime registration fees of around $25. Once you have created your account, you can publish your set of apps, manage them and even change them. Not just that, you can also publish timely updates which brings bug fixes and stability improvements to your users.

Well, you may face some issues with Google Play Console itself. Lately, many users or rather developers have been reporting a few errors in this app. 4A3C9E78 is the error code that you may get to see while you open the app. Also, the message reads that An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again. So, let’s have a closer look and also try to address some solutions.

Fix 4A3C9E78 Error on Google Play Console

How to Fix 4A3C9E78 error on Google Play Console:

First, this certain issue is not any new thing in Google Play Console. With more or less the similar message, many users have faced these issues in the past. So, you need to worry that something is extremely wrong on your end.

Also, many users have reported the same issue. In that case, you are not alone facing this issue. Thus, be assured that you will get out of this very soon. Now, we need to give Google some time to work on this issue and roll out the update to Google Play Console.

That being said, it is still frustrating to see such errors, especially when you really need the app. For instance, some developers have commented that they were working on an update for their app. After the efforts, they are ready to publish the update with all bug fixes. And from nowhere, this pops out on your Google Play Console screen.

It will be a considerable loss for your users. As they might even end up switching to another app. As a result, you will be at a loss. Now, intentionally Google will not make such things that put its users into trouble.

So, you can just try out switching the browser, devices, etc. Even reinstalling the app and signing in again can help you. At last, you can switch to the incognito mode in your browser and try it. Well, these troubleshooting tips are just as a trial-and-error way of solving the issue. Hence, some or the other way can work in your case.


In summary, Google Play Console will definitely work with no issues as soon as possible. With users reporting and such guides publishing over the web, we can expect that the message is conveyed to Google. In this way, we can for sure get the update within a couple of days. Till then, you can try out the above methods and also share this with your friends.

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