Fix Bluestacks Hyper-V error “Could not start the engine”

Bluestacks is the most widely used Android emulators in the market. Just as a reference, Bluestacks has over 400 millions of active users and games. In case you still do not know, an Android emulator is a software in which you can access Android apps and games on your PC. This software works for both Windows as well as Mac operating system. Also, Bluestacks has over a million apps, with different genres, categories, target audience, and more. 

One benefit of such a large user base on any app or service is that it has good support. It implies that you get access to multiple platforms, forums, communities, etc. You can find a dedicated Reddit discussion here. Here, you can stay on top of your knowledge regarding updates, errors, problems, solutions, and many more. 

Now, one such issue is Bluestacks Hyper-V error. In this case, you may see that you cannot start Bluestacks at all. If by any means, it starts, then it shows an error message, Could not start the engine. Well, this is the most common error that you may come across now and then. So, if you are one of those users, then here are some ways to solve the issue. 

Fix Bluestacks Hyper-V error: 

First of all, the best way to solve such software related problems is to relaunch the app. Along with this, you can also restart the device and try again. Instead of the normal restart, go with a cold boot. In this method, power OFF or shut down your device, wait for a couple of minutes with the blank screen, and then power ON it again. It works much better than the regular restart option. 

Along with this, you can check the same way for the network. Check the network connectivity with your device, restart the Wi-Fi router, and check the ethernet cable connection. To ensure that everything is working fine, you can connect the same network on other devices. One last thing to try is you can try to reinstall or update Bluestacks to the latest version. 

Now, another thing to note that even Antivirus can cause the error. The thing is that antiviruses or Windows defender, sometimes, block the usage of such apps. So, make sure to allow the access and place Bluestacks in the whitelist. It not only solves the present issue but also will help in other cases. 

Fix Hyper-V error in Bluestacks

If these methods worked fine, then it is okay. But, if not, then you need not worry. It is because the official team of Bluestacks have admitted this error. So, it may be possible that your device is one of them. To get the solution, you can share the log files to the official support team through email and wait for an update. 


In summary, this issue has come into notice of the developers’ team of Bluestacks. So, you can expect any update that fixes this error soon. Till then, you can opt for other alternatives such as Nox Player. Also, share this with your friends and game squad on Bluestacks.