Fix Animeultima app not working/loading

Animeultima is the ultimate way to watch anime online for free. Usually, you can watch movies, web series, shows, and other programs online. There are many apps, websites, and platforms from where you can get them. Both free and paid. But, when it comes to anime, the options are limited. Now, in these available options, they filter out when you are looking for free options. Well, after all of these filters, Animeultima is one of the best options available.

That aside, as with every other app, Animeultima also has a few bugs and error messages. Lately, many users have been reporting that Animeultima is not working. Some state that the app either does not load or buffer when you try to play any title. If you are also facing the same issue, then here are a few methods to fix that.

How to fix the Animeultima app not working or loading:

1. Clear the cache: 

The first step in all such cases is to clear the cache memory. On your smartphone, go to Settings -> Apps and Notifications -> All apps -> Animeultima -> Storage and Cache. Over this tab, click on clear the cache memory and try again. For those who do not know, cache memory is the memory that stores temp data, files, and more in the storage. So, you can always make a note of this memory, clear it, and try to check if that worked. On the same page, you can clear the user data as well.

2. Reset VPN, Antivirus, etc. if applicable: 

This step is optional and self-explanatory. To access some limited titles or keep your device safe, you might be using the VPN or antivirus. In some cases, it also affects the app performance and causes such errors. So, if you do use any of these, then make sure to disable them.

3. Open in Desktop Site: 

The final fix to this error is to use the website instead of the app. For instance, you decided to watch any title on the app, but it is not working. In such a scenario, open the browser, go to the Animeultima site, and search for it. Before it loads, make sure to click on the three dots menu at the top right corner and tap on the desktop site.

4. Download the latest APK: 

If none of the above steps worked, then you can download the latest apk from the link below. With this latest version, you may not face any such errors. Download the APK file, enable installation from unknown sources, and install the app. If required, grant the required permissions and sign in to your account.

Download latest Animeultima apk

Download Now


To conclude, such errors and issues in apps like Animeultima is pretty usual. To fix them, you can follow the above methods and check if it works. If not, then try to look for the support team on platforms such as Reddit and Discord. On a final note, you can look for any alternatives. Crunchyroll, Kissanime, My Animelist, Funimation, Masterani, Animeland, Animeslayer are some of the best options.

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