Fix: Aliexpress Search Not Working

AliExpress is a good way to search online. It has garnered millions of users worldwide that prefer it as the search engine for their searches. AliExpress has also been a major place for users to order their products, and as such we have covered articles on it as well, such as AliExpress ‘Orders closed due to Security Reason’ issue.

This article explores why users have started to face issues with AliExpress search not working and the things one can try to fix the issue before it turns into a pure rage moment. Let us begin our dive then!

Why is my AliExpress search not working

Short answer: AliExpress search not working due to Disabled Cookies, Corrupted Caches, use of ad blockers, poor internet connection, incompatible web browser and incompatible browser themes.

AliExpress search not working

Reason 1: Disabled Cookies

Cookies are used to store useful information about the user, or preferences, in a way. The kind of searches users would do, the ads they would prefer, their location as well as all other information.

While this information can be accessed using regular settings too, it would take a fair bit of time to be processed and derived. Meanwhile, the cookies keep them all prepared. The absence of cookies can lead to issues such as AliExpress search not working.

Reason 2: Bad Cache

Cache again plays an important role in saving data. Working similarly to cookies but instead of saving preferences and settings, the Cache stores data instead, making it easier to load the webpage or in this case, bring up results.

A badly saved Cache or a corrupt cache will very well interfere with the functioning of the search engine, thus, it would ultimately lead to AliExpress search not working.

Reason 3: Ad Blockers

Ad blockers were saviors in the past. Due to their large reliability and usefulness, they have now become a part of most web browsers natively without needing extra extensions to apply them.

If you are using Adblockers, you might not get the exact results back if you try to operate AliExpress, due to the website having policies for advertisements that would be prevented otherwise. You might also get a warning or disclaimer regarding how using Adblockers can interrupt the proper functioning of your search.

Reason 4: Slow Internet connection

Slow Internet connection plays an essential role when it comes to web browsers and websites not working properly. Almost most of the time it is the internet that is not working correctly.

With a slow internet, you might not be kicked off a website but you would be unable to operate it very well. In this case, your search would not procure any sort of results because the server gets your data too late to process.

Reason 5: Interfering Browser themes

Browser themes are offered by almost all web browsers and change the look and feel of the whole browser and the way of website presentation without essentially changing the core.

However, if a browser theme has not been optimized, it may create issues with certain websites that it was not made to work with. The issues in the code between the presentation of the website and the server side of the website would make it hard for the search bar to show results properly.

Reason 7: Incompatible browser

Lastly, the AliExpress search not working might happen due to browser incompatibility. Browsers can either be outdated or may not support a certain type of feature/ security or protocol followed by the website.

This makes the browser unfit to load or run the website properly. AliExpress is one similar webpage that may need requirements not fulfilled by old or specific browsers, thus the searches fail to work.

Fix: AliExpress search not working

Method 1: Enabling Cookies

Enabling Cookies is an important part of fixing this issue. Cookies will help you rapidly load the preferences of your ads, their placement, and so on.

This is how you can enable Cookies for AliExpress:

  • Step 1: Open Google Chrome on your Computer.
  • Step 2: Click on the three vertical dot menu on the top right.
  • Step 3: Tap on Settings.
  • Step 4: Go to Privacy and Security > Site Settings.
  • Step 5: Select Cookies and Site data.
  • Step 6: Turn on Cookies using the switch next to it.

Method 2: Clearing Cache

Another important thing to do is to clear the Cache. It helps in deleting any sort of glitched or corrupted data that could very well be interfering with packet transmission, resulting in poor search results.

Here is how one can delete Cache on Google Chrome:

  • Step 1: Go to the three dot menu in Chrome, located on the top right side.
  • Step 2: Go to More Tools > Clear browsing data.
  • Step 3: Choose the time range or select ‘All time‘.
  • Step 4: Tick ‘Cookies and other site data‘ with ‘Cached images and files‘.
  • Step 5: Tap on ‘Clear data‘.

Method 3: Fixing the internet connection

Fixing the internet connection is easy and gets you out of issues more than you can imagine. A majority of issues can be solved with speedy internet. If nothing, you can rest assured that the problem is not occurring due to your internet.

The best route to choose for this is to switch from using your phone’s mobile data to a high-speed WiFi network. While you would usually not need a high-speed connection to merely browse through a search engine, it is better than having slow internet.

Method 4: Disabling Ad Blockers

Ad blockers prevent ads, thus they restrict parts of the codes of the webpage from working. This can either interfere directly with how the search results are shown or they can trigger specific mechanisms.

A lot of Ad Blockers would make the webpage warn you about the use of AdBlockers and how it is affecting their revenue and functionality. We advise turning off the AdBlocker once to check if it fixes the issue

Method 5: Switching to a different web browser

When nothing works, find someone else that does. If your current browser is not working, you are better off trying another one. Now there could be a lot of reasons behind this.

Perhaps your web browser is a nasty, Outdated version of Internet Explorer, or maybe your browser lacks certain functionalities despite being modern and filled with cutting-edge technology.

At times, even updates fail to fix this. In this scenario, we recommend switching to more popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera browser, and so on. We also have the upcoming Arc, the future of browsers, that has been critically acclaimed.


Final Conclusion

This article focused on Why AliExpress search not working and how one can fix it easily. We hope the list of fixes proved helpful for you. Stay tuned with AndroidNature as we produce more helpful guides and articles to walk you through several issues and their fixes.

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