Does AliExpress have Afterpay (Buy Now, Pay Later apps)

Has it ever happened to you that you really like a pretty dress from a store, but don’t have money with you to buy it and probably wondered “wish, I could pick up that dress now and pay afterward.”

If we say your thought can actually turn into a reality, would you believe us? Well, hats off to the Internet service, we now can purchase anything from online stores without thinking about money.

After this pandemic hit, people tend to buy everything online rather than going to physical shops. Since online shops are preferred by both adults and teenagers, every online store is coming up with new ideas and services to provide the best deal for customers.

One such service is afterpay, where you can purchase anything you want and pay when the product arrives.

AliExpress, a China-based online retail service is renowned by everyone for giving the best deals and service to the customers. In recent times, AliExpress provides afterpay services for clients to make their shopping hassle-free.

Now, let’s dive in to know more about AliExpress and the afterpay service. 

Does AliExpress Offer buy now, pay later?

Yes, it does. In 2019’s article AliExpress revealed that they do offer their customers buy now, pay later service.

If you are contemplating buying anything from AliExpress, but thinking about whether they have pay later service or not, then it’s time to “stop thinking, start shopping.” whenever a customer purchases any item from AliExpress, they can select “Pay later” at the checkout. It means they will pay after the product delivery.

Does AliExpress have afterpay?

Fortunately yes, they do have afterpay. 

Afterpay is possible at AliExpress. In previous years, when we spend valuable money to buy something and didn’t like it later when it arrived, we complained and returned that item. And then waited for months to get the money back, which will not happen with the afterpay service.

With this service, you will pay only after you are fully satisfied with the product.

Does AliExpress have Klarna?

Yes, they have. You can easily use Klarna on AliExpress now.

Swedish tech company Klarna, which is specialize in afterpay, is now available on AliExpress.

However, there is one condition you need to follow. Within14 days this should be done after dispatching the package. In case you didn’t receive the package, you can easily cancel the payment via this app. No wonder this platform is so much popular among young generations.

How to Use buy now, pay later on AliExpress?

Three giant leading companies specializing in payments, Alipay, Adyen, and Klarna announced in an interview that customers of AliExpress can pay afterward by using Klarna’s “pay later.”

Now, let’s see how we can use buy now, pay later on AliExpress.

Step 1: Shop on AliExpress with Klarna

(1) At first, go to the website, and place an order.

(2) After ordering a product, select Klarna, the payment method.

(3) And now you have 14 days. If the package won’t arrive in this timeframe, you have the power to cancel the payment.

Step 2: Shop on AliExpress with Zip

(1) First download the app on your computer or mobile.

(2) Now search AliExpress.

(3) Select your favorite items and then as a payment method click “Pay with Zip.”

(4) Now, you will get 4 installments which you have to clear within 6 weeks.

Step 3: Shop on AliExpress with afterpay.

(1) Go to AliExpress to shop.

(2) As a payment method, select afterpay at checkout.

(3) If you have an afterpay account already, then log in and finish your checkout.

(4) If you don’t have an account, then sign up to check out the offers AliExpress is giving to the customers.



Q1: Can I use Klarna on AliExpress?

Of course, you can. Alipay, Adyen, and Klarna have partnered with AliExpress for giving the customers to use the “pay later” service, one of Klarna’s popular solutions.

Q2: Which payment methods AliExpress approve?

AliExpress approves Visa debit and credit cards, MasterCard credit cards, Maestro, and American Express debit cards. So, use whatever you have.

Q3: Where should I use Afterpay, online or in-store?

You have the power to use Afterpay both online and offline. Afterpay is a payment option that is offered only at checkout.

Q4: Is PayPal valid on AliExpress?

Customers from the U.S.A, U.K, Germany, Spain, and Italy can easily pay on AliExpress through PayPal. But in those countries where PayPal is not available, they can’t use it.

Q5: Is AliExpress trustworthy?

It’s a hundred percent legitimate China-based online retail company. This company always provides the best deals and service to its customers.

Q6: If I don’t like any of my purchased products, can I return them to AliExpress?

Yes, you absolutely can. But money return process can take a few months. But if you use apps like Afterpay, Zip, and Klarna, you can buy any product but will pay later after the delivery of the product.

Final Words

By supplying authentic products and the best service, AliExpress is gained huge popularity in past few years. 

So, if you haven’t purchased from this retailer shop due to the money crisis, then not to worry at all. AliExpress has afterpays services, where you can buy any item and pay later. 

Also, you will get lots of surprises like free shipping, 20/30% off, and buy one get one free for being a regular AliExpress customer.