How do I Find my DirecTV Username and Password

Have you found yourself in the realm of usernames and passwords that you have forgotten? Worry no more, you stalwart of DirecTV!

Through the use of this work, you will acquire the information and resources that are essential for regaining the right to have access to a realm of entertainment that is rightfully yours.

The contents of this post will serve as your guide to regaining access to the gems that DirecTV has to offer, regardless of whether your memory fails you or your digital fortress falls apart.

How do I find my DirecTV username and password?

The following is a list of common procedures that you may do to retrieve your login and password for DirecTV:

Method 1 – Use your email or account number

  • Step 1- You may access the sign-in website for DirecTV by going to
  • Step 1- Simply choose the option that says “Forgot email or user ID?”
  • Step 1- Your account number or the email address that is linked with your DirecTV subscription should be entered here.
  • Step 1- Please proceed by clicking “Continue.”
  • Step 1- Your username will be sent to the email address that is currently on file with DirecTV.Directv

Method 2 – Get in touch with customer service

You should get in touch with the customer care team at DirecTV if you are unable to retrieve your account using the online procedures.

They will be able to walk you through the actions that are required to recover access and can also help you fix other issues like DirecTV small receiver not working.

How to reset DirecTV password

The following are some common procedures that you may take in order to reset your DirecTV password.

  • Step 1- Make sure you pick the Forgot Password option on the Sign in to DIRECTV page.
  • Step 2- Click the Continue button once you have entered your User ID and last name.
  • Step 3- An Email will be sent to you with a temporary password. Next, pick the Continue button once you have copied and pasted your temporary password into the entry area.
  • Step 4- Confirm the new password that you just entered.
  • Step 5- Pick the Continue button.


Final Words

It is also possible to try contacting the customer care team at DirecTV for assistance in the event that you experience any problems when attempting to reset your password or if the methods are significantly different from what you are used to. In addition to assisting you through the process, they are able to offer assistance that is relevant to your account.

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