If You Don’t have a TikTok Account, Does Your Like Count?

Is it possible to like a TikTok video without creating an account?

Want to know if liking your own TikTok video will result in a shadowban?

It’s a common curiosity whether or not you need an account to like a video on TikTok. We’ll investigate these and similar topics in this piece, including whether or not a video’s likes are deleted when it’s turned private and whether or not liking your own videos might get you shadowbanned.

After reading this, you should have a better grasp of how TikTok operates and how to make appropriate and productive use of the platform’s content.

If you don’t have a TikTok account, does your like count?

Short Answer: It goes without saying that you can’t like videos on TikTok unless you have an account.

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When using the TikTok app, people must first sign up for an account and register in order to perform any action, such as liking videos.

Those who do not sign up for an account may still see videos and comments on TikTok, but they will not be able to interact with the content in any way (liking, commenting, or sharing).

TikTok requires users to sign up for an account and sign in before they can engage with the media on the platform by liking videos, leaving comments, or sharing them.

If you private a video on TikTok, do you lose the likes?

When a video is set to private on TikTok, the number of likes does not disappear. While the video is no longer accessible, any comments or likes that have already been made will remain.

Choosing to set a video private on TikTok means that no one but you will be able to see it, while the video and any likes it has received will remain intact.

If you go into your account and watch the private video, you’ll be able to see how many likes and comments it has received. But deleting a video will cause you to lose the likes that are shown on your profile.

Likes are also deleted along with a video once it’s deleted, but they will still be there if you make the post private. When you see a TikTok profile with a high number of likes but no videos, this is probably what occurred.

Does liking your own TikTok get you shadowbanned?

You won’t get shadowbanned for liking your own TikTok. Yet, you risk being shadowbanned if you like your own TikTok from other accounts in an attempt to falsely increase your like count.

The word “shadowban” represents the practice of hiding a user’s stuff from the general public without the user’s consent or knowledge. Using offensive or otherwise questionable stuff, as well as breaking other rules set out by the TikTok community, are two common causes of this.

TikTok will be able to determine that two of your accounts are associated with each other not only because both of them utilize the same connection but also for the reason that both of those accounts use the same smartphone.

Liking your own videos is okay and won’t get you shadowbanned, but it’s still better to be sincere when you interact with stuff on TikTok.


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Q1. When you delete a TikTok, do the likes also disappear?

Yes, when you delete a TikTok video, the likes will also be deleted. When a TikTok gets deleted forever, the count of “likes” shown on the user’s profile will also decrease. Because of this, if you care about keeping the likes, you should always choose to set the videos private rather than removing them.

Q2. Do I need an account to view TikTok videos?

You may see videos on TikTok even without creating an account. The videos on TikTok may be seen without creating an account by accessing the platform and simply browsing. YouTube is another option for watching TikTok videos without creating an account.

Final Words

So, that brings us to the end, everyone! You should already be aware of the requirement for an account in order to be able to engage with videos on TikTok, and that “likes” remain even if a video is set to private.

You may like your own videos, but if you try to game the system by creating fake identities only to increase your like count, you risk being shadowbanned.

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