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Since its release, Disney Plus has been one of the most sought-after streaming platforms in countries all over the world. It includes a library of material designed to please the large fan bases of each niche.

The popular streaming app features movies, shows, documentaries, and more from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, and other studios.

Disney Plus has been made available on a wide variety of devices, including Sky Q boxes, for the convenience of its subscribers.

We recommend reading this post in its entirety if you’re interested in learning how to fix Disney Plus on a Sky Q device so you can have a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience.

Disney plus home page

Why is Disney Plus not working on Sky Q?

The majority of disruptions to Disney Plus are caused by difficulties that are as easy as problems with the user’s internet connection’s quality or speed.

A lag, using an older version of the app, or the requirement to upgrade your Disney Plus app or Sky Q gadget are all other factors that might arise in addition to being in a nation that employs geo-restrictions.

Moreover, there is also a possibility that you are unable to access Disney Plus as a result of server issues, issues with the web browser you are using (Chrome or Firefox), or problems with the app cache.

Continue reading for some quick and simple answers!

How Do I Activate Disney Plus On Sky Q

If you recently purchased a Sky Q gadget but are unsure of how to access Disney Plus, this article is for you.

Here are the five simple actions to take:

Step 1: Turn on your Sky Q device

To begin, turn on your Sky Q device and take control of the included remote.

Step 2: Select the “Home” option.

Access the main menu by selecting the “Home” option.

Step 3: Locate the Apps menu

To proceed, navigate to the Apps menu.

Step 4: Launch the Disney Plus app.

If you go down below the ‘record and continue watching’ part, you’ll see the Disney Plus app. Rather than installing an app, Sky Q devices already should have the Disney Plus app installed.

Step 5: Sign in to your account

After downloading the Disney+ app, then either log in with your current account or create a new one.

Have fun watching your favourite shows and movies online!

How To Fix Disney Plus Not Working On Sky Q

Disney Plus not opening on your Sky Q smartphone might be due to a number of different factors. Here are some tips and tricks that may be of assistance:

Method 1: Update your applications

Sometimes it helps to simply restart the program in question.

For the hidden menu’ option, try tapping the option for refreshing the apps. Here are the steps you need to know in order to refresh the apps.

  • Step 1: Hit the “Home” button.

Simply pressing “Home” and scrolling down will take you to the ‘hidden menu’.

  • Step 2: Navigate and highlight

You will see Settings as an option. Do not click on it, but rather highlight the settings option after locating it via the menu.

  • Step 3: Dial the appropriate digits.

Now that Settings is selected, dial 0 0 1 to make your choice.

  • Step 4: Select the Apps you want to refresh

Choose all applications and then select the ‘Refresh all apps option. The software on this device needs to be refreshed, making this a very important fix.

  • Step 5: Wait a while now

A notification stating “Your applications are being refreshed” will appear. You got to wait for sometime for this to process. It might take a while as we have opted for all applications to be refreshed so do not cancel or reload the device.

  • Stage 6: Exit the window

When the update is complete, you may dismiss the window by clicking the X or going back in your browser.

Method 2: Restart your device

It is recommended that you power down your Sky Q device and wait 5 minutes before powering it back up. Devices can get overheated, but usually all that’s required is a 5-minute cool-down.

Restarting your gadget is the best approach to let it cool down.

Method 3: Reinstall the Disney Plus app

This technique involves erasing and reinstalling the Disney Plus app on your Sky Q device.

If the Disney Plus app isn’t working properly, try closing and reopening it. When it doesn’t work, try deleting and reinstalling the Disney Plus app to see if that helps.

Assuming this solves the problem, we hope you can get back to enjoying your usual TV programs.

Method 4: Make sure the internet is connected

If you’ve already tried those, and you’re still having problems streaming Disney Plus on your Sky Q device, then it’s probably time to have a look at your internet connection.

There might be a problem with your connection speed. To watch Disney Plus in HD, you’ll need at least 5 Mbps, while 4K Ultra HD streaming will need at least 25 Mbps.

If you’ve already verified that your connection speed is fine, the fault may lie with your internet service provider, who should be contacted if Disney Plus is still unwatchable.

If that’s the case, you’ll have to wait for them to make the necessary repairs.

Method 5: Check if you’re in a geo-restricted country

The Disney Plus mobile application will not function in your region if you are located in a nation where Disney Plus is not available due to territorial restrictions. In areas where Disney Plus is not available, there is no local support for it.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is required to access Disney+ outside of the said country then.

With a virtual private network (VPN), you may obtain a US or UK IP address and then use that to access Disney Plus from anywhere in the world.

Good virtual private network (VPN) providers can be used such as pureVPN, Browsec, etc.

Disney plus restricted

If you want how to download VPN and watch Disney plus from your restricted country, follow these easy steps below.

  • Step 1: Go to the app store

Go to your device’s app store and type ‘Browsec’ or any VPN you wish to download.

  • Step 2: Download the app

Access the Virtual Private Network (VPN) app after downloading it.

  • Step 3: Choose the country for access

Choose from the servers listed in the dropdown menu, choose US or UK as they tend to provide no issues while streaming.

  • Step 4: Visit the Disney plus website

Visit the Disney plus website or get the Disney app now!

  • Step 5: Log in or Sign up

Log in if you already have one account, or register if you don’t.

You may now do searches and see content from any location where you have access to your account. Enjoy no restrictions now!Disney plus on Sky Q

Method 6: Update your Sky Q device

After trying all of these methods, if you still can’t access Disney Plus, you may need to upgrade your Sky Q box. If you update your Sky Q gadget, you might be able to fix the issue and start viewing Disney Plus on it.

Sky Q device updates may be obtained by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Turn on your gadget

Put your Sky Q device into action.

  • Step 2: Access the preferences menu

Navigate to the Settings panel.

  • Step 3: Access the system’s data

Find the software version by visiting the System Information page.

  • Step 4: Click the “Software Download” button

After making your choice, click on the Download software button.

  • Step 5: Wait as it downloads

Wait as the latest version downloads. The update process for the gadget will begin automatically. The updating procedure might take up to 10 minutes, so please be patient.

  • Step 6: Sky Q device verification

In order to verify the device, return to your Sky Q device’s main menu. Now select ‘Settings’ and choose the option ‘Settings Info’. Go on the ‘Software version’ for checking for any pending updates.

This would clarify if the download was successful or not for your Sky Q device. This step usually works alright but its best to check for any issues whatsoever.

  • Step 7: Select the Standby Mode

If ‘Software update successful’ appears, put your Sky Q device into standby mode by selecting the appropriate button on the remote.

  • Step 8: Follow the instructions

After the gadget has finished restarting, follow the on-screen prompts. This would complete its full update and installation for your Sky Q device to the most recent version.


Streaming content from Disney Plus is a breeze on Sky Q devices. Due to the application being pre-downloaded into the device, there is not much that you need to do on your end to get it set up.

Sign in, then take a seat and enjoy the ride! This article will assist you with any such problems that may arise in the future.

You can also have a look at the assistance pages that are provided by Disney Plus if you require any further information.

Have fun watching your online shows!

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