How to add Discount Card to Walmart Pay?

In this article, we will explain to you thoroughly how to add a Discount Card to Walmart Pay and avail yourself of the many benefits as an employee.

Walmart is an American International Corporation that runs a huge chain of hyper-markets in strategic places around the globe.

It is also the world’s largest private employer with approximately 2.2 million employees. Wal-Mart is a family-owned company founded in 1962 by Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas. Sam Walton is a businessman and was a former employee of J.C. Penney who bought a Ben Franklin Store from the Butler Brothers in 1945.

Offering low-priced products purchased from low-priced suppliers, it had increased sales in the first year by 45%. On July 2, 1962, Sam Walton opened the first Walmart Discount City Store.

What is Walmart Pay and Discount Card?

Walmart Pay is a utility feature of the Walmart app. It is a secure payment gateway for Walmart where you can add your debit or credit card.

Sam Walton, the founder, introduced the Walmart Associate Discount Card in the 1980s as a way to show his gratitude for his associates for their hard work.

Walmart offers a discount card to its employees, providing a 10% discount on fresh food and general merchandise and their employees can also use this card to find discounts on travel, phone services, and entertainment.

Employees who have worked at Walmart for 20 years or more are also eligible for a lifetime discount card.

Who are eligible for a Discount Card for Walmart Pay?

On your 91st day at Walmart as an employee, you will be eligible for Walmart’s Associate Discount Card.

So, your eligibility criteria are solely just the number of days you have worked as an employee at Walmart.

This card gives you access to discounts both in-store and via their Associate Discount Center.

You can check out Walmart Employee Benefits in detail here.

How to add your Discount Card to Walmart Pay?

Before you can use your Discount Card to make a purchase online or in-store at Walmart, you first need to link your Discount Card to your Walmart Account.

If you don’t already have a Walmart account, Sign Up here.

Let’s proceed if you already have a Walmart account.

Before you can link the card to your Walmart account, you first need to register your Discount Card with your Walmart online account.

To register your card:

  • Log In to your Walmart account
  • Input your WIN (Walmart Identification Number), your WIN is your unique identification number given by Walmart when you join as an employee. If you cannot find it, or have lost it, you can check how to find it here.
  • Input your Discount Card number in the field provided.

Now, the Discount Card will be automatically linked to your Walmart account.

Now, you can use your Walmart Pay in-store at the register or online and the discounts available to you will be taken into account automatically at checkout.

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Q1. What is the employee discount at Walmart?

The usual discount is 10% on fresh fruit and vegetables, and on regularly priced general items throughout the store.

If you work on Black Friday, you can also get a one-time, 25% off a gift card that applies to your whole purchase in addition to your 10% employee discount.

Q2. Can my family use my discount card?

Yes, and no – some family members can use one, others can’t.

The spouse or domestic partner of a Walmart employee is eligible for their own Walmart Associate Discount Card, but your children, parents, siblings, etc. are not eligible for their own cards or allowed to use yours when you aren’t with them.

Q3. What happens if I lose my card?

You should report a lost or stolen card, and have it replaced. Walmart will help you replace it in no time.

To report call Customer Service at 1-800-903-4698 and follow the prompts for the option to Report a Lost or Stolen Card.

You will have the option available without having to log into the system, so your card number or WIN is not required to report a lost or stolen Card.

Report a lost or stolen Card immediately so that a new one can be delivered to you promptly.

Q4. What are some perks of working at Walmart?

As far as benefits go, full-time associates can pay for relatively decent insurance for about $60 per check (bi-weekly). They also have dental and eye insurance as well.

If you’re an employee at Walmart, you’ll begin to accrue vacation time when you start, making it to two weeks at the end of a year.

It is the same for part-time associates, except their benefits, do not start till one year after their hire date. And their insurance cannot cover spouses (I am not sure about dependents).

All associates, after 90 days, receive a discount card, which gives them 10% off of all general merchandise (not Grocery), Produces, and most snack foods and drinks.

During the holidays, the associates are given 10% off of all merchandise and the weekend after Black Friday, you are given 20% off of everything.

All in all, compared to other retail companies, Walmart treats its Associates very well and it’s also a great place for students (they work around their school schedule).

Q5. Are there any other cards with huge benefits you can use with Walmart?

Yes! You can apply for a Walmart exclusive Walmart Rewards Card.

This card will give you humongous cashback and rewards when used to purchase items from Walmart and you can apply for one here.

Other than this, you can also opt for Capital One Walmart Rewards Card that you can use this card elsewhere too but with limited cashback and benefits which you can utilize only on Walmart.

There is always the option to use third-party credit cards and debit cards that are more suitable for your lifestyle.


With the Walmart Discount Card, you can avail many benefits as an employee. This brief guide should help you link your Discount Card. The Associate Discount card gives employees a 10% discount on almost all purchases both in-store and online.

If you encounter any other methods, please let us know!

Thank you for reading and you should check out our other well-researched articles.

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