Why Do Tinder Matches Disappear Then Reappear?

Tinder is the go-to dating application for modern times.

However, it is not free from possible operational issues like the sudden disappearance of the matches. So, is it faced by others also or is it only you?

Relax, as I’ve researched this Tinder matches issue and hence bring to you a quick list of the reasons causing the problem of Tinder matches disappearing and then reappearing.

Why do Tinder matches disappear and then reappear?

Short Answer: This problem on Tinder can be due to account deletion and then reactivation, changes in preferences, user unmatching or blocking your profile, or internet issues. Further, the different Tinder app issues like pending updates or temporary app glitches may cause the issue of Tinder matches disappearing and then reappearing.

Tinder matches


The common reasons for this issue are:

  • Account deletion and then reactivation

The match may have deleted their Tinder account and then reactivated it. It causes the issue of Tinder matches to disappear and then reappear for your account.

  • Change in account preferences

The match may have changed their account preferences like location or other details leading to a quick disappearing and then again reappearing with the new details.

  • Account paused and resumed

The “Pause my account” feature ensures that users get a quick break from Tinder without deleting their account. Hence, if a person has activated this feature, the chances are high that they disappear and then will reappear when this feature is turned off.

  • Unmatching or blocking your profile

The chances are high that the person has unmatched or blocked your profile leading to a quick disappearance. A rematch later or unblocking may lead to showing them to you.

An unmatching may impact other conversations with the profiles. Here, know If Someone Unmatched Me On Tinder, Does The Conversation Disappear?

  • Internet issues

Your device may face an internet connectivity issue leading to profiles disappearing and then suddenly reappearing.

  • Outdated Tinder application

If your Tinder application is not updated, then you may face the problem of your profile disappearing and then suddenly reappearing.

Here, an outdated Tinder application can create problems with messages. So, you can Tinder Messages Not Loading [10 Fixes].

  • Tinder application glitches

The chances are high that there are glitches or issues in the Tinder app. These may create problems with the match’s appearance.



So, no more worries while using Tinder when you know the reasons behind the Tinder matches disappearing and then reappearing. It can be due to different reasons as mentioned above.

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