Why Are Some Facebook Story Viewers In Bold?

Do you post Facebook stories?

If yes, then you must know about the amazing idea of sharing your story or experiences with friends using Facebook. Facebook story viewers are useful for people selecting the option to view other users’ Facebook stories. However, many users look for the reasons behind Facebook story viewers in bold.

Facebook story viewers ensure that users can connect with other Facebook profiles and know about their recent stories. Let us explore why this occurs on FacebookWe’ll also try to find out the meaning of blue dot on any Facebook story.

Why are some Facebook story viewers in bold?

Short Answer: Facebook users do observe that some Facebook story viewers are in bold. It is due to the Algorithm of the social media platform which assigns a score to every Facebook story viewer. These scores define if the name of the Facebook story viewer will be displayed in bold or not.

Facebook story viewers in bold are the highly engaging users with a specific account’s stories. They may have tapped, commented, or reacted to the Facebook story of the user.


Facebook uses dedicated algorithms in deciding the viewers of the user stories. Hence, it is according to this algorithm who will appear at the top of your viewer’s list. This algorithm is highly dynamic and changes according to the industry or topic trends.

So, the concept of bold Facebook story viewers indicates that these viewers are actively engaging with your Facebook stories. It is a method of this social media platform to give them a special presence in the news feed of the users.

The different reasons affecting how viewers will appear on the list of Facebook story viewers are:

  • All the Facebook story viewers appear in the order of when they viewed by a story.
  • Facebook story viewers are listed under the specific video or photo of the user account.
  • Any anonymous users will be shown as gray icons.

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What does the blue dot mean on a Facebook story?

Many Facebook users look for the meaning of the blue dot on a Facebook story.

This blue dot next to the name of the Facebook story viewer gives an idea of the new views since the user last checked the total views for a specific story. Hence, it is an innovative method by Facebook to notify users who saw their story recently.


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Final words

Hence, it is easy to understand the meaning of Facebook story viewers in bold. It is based on the score of the Facebook viewer based on their interaction with a specific user’s content. It represents a strong fan base of Facebook user and helps to build rapport.

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