UPS tracking number not working : 6 Things to do

Your UPS tracking number is not working because the courier has not yet picked up the parcels. There is a possibility that the bar code on the package has not yet been scanned, which would explain why the tracking number is not functioning.

UPS, which stands for United Parcel Service, is one of the biggest and most reliable courier services in the world.

Thanks to UPS tracking, eCommerce businesses, and their customers have access to a number of different ways to monitor the delivery status of their packages.

On the other hand, some customers have reported that whenever they attempt to use their UPS tracking numbers, they are met with an error message stating that the number is incorrect.

The following is a list of some of the factors that explain why this problem keeps occurring, along with the remedies that have been briefly discussed:

Why is my UPS tracking number not working

It’s possible that your UPS tracking number isn’t functioning or is displaying an incorrect status since the delivery courier hasn’t picked up the packages just yet.

There is also the potential that the bar code on the package has not yet been scanned, which would explain why the tracking number isn’t functioning. The monitoring of UPS shipments might also be hampered by inclement weather.

If the UPS tracking information is not being updated, it is possible that the information has not been updated because of adverse weather conditions. It’s possible for your mail or parcel to take longer to arrive at the next station due to the weather.

When something is being transported throughout the nation, it has to go through a number of stations that are located in various towns and areas that experience a variety of climates.

In addition, barcodes may get damaged by adverse weather, rendering them unreadable and unable to be scanned.

Package not scanned or updated

It’s possible that you’re perplexed as to why your shipment has not been scanned despite the fact that it’s already on its way to the location you specified. It’s possible that the barcode is difficult to scan for whatever reason.

It’s possible that a barcode is too faint or too unclear. When handled, they have the potential to get smudged or ripped.

Even though the post office has the ability to manually insert barcodes, there are situations when the shipping time is limited and the barcodes are not scanned.

Sometimes barcodes can be read on the first try, but if they are damaged they won’t be able to be read on the second or third try.

Because the label has the routing information on it, you can be sure that it is already on its way to its destination and that it will get there on time.

It is very unusual for UPS to omit scanning packages when time is limited, which may be caused by a number of factors including understaffed facilities, a high amount of shipments, and a high volume of shipments.

It is possible for the initial scan to take place upon arrival at a regional hub that is close to the ultimate destination.

Package lost somewhere

If the tracking information for a shipment has not been updated in seven days, UPS will consider the package to be lost.

You are able to start a search for a missing cargo with UPS if you are worried that your tracking number is not being updated and that the item may have been misplaced.

Update delayed by the carrier

There are two potential reasons why the UPS tracking number has not been updated. Both of these issues are caused by the carrier. The first possible explanation is that the individual responsible for scanning has concluded their shift.

In this scenario, they will either load your box onto the delivery vehicle or return it to the distribution center. Don’t be concerned! You may expect it to be delivered to you the following day.

UPS tracking number not working: what should I do?

  • Method 1: Determine whether or not the courier has entered the tracking number into their system.

There is a good chance that the reason your tracking number isn’t working is that the package hasn’t been collected by the courier yet.

If this is the case, it is best to wait up to 24 hours before contacting the delivery service to inquire about the status of your package’s tracking number.

  • Method 2: Verify that the tracking number that you have is valid.

In the event that the UPS tracking information does not get updated for many days, it is imperative that you verify that the tracking number you have is accurate. The following is a list of locations at which you may verify the number:

The receipt for shipment from UPS
The evidence that the item was bought (if you purchased insurance)
The confirmation message sent by UPS via email
The piece of the shipping label may be removed from the bottom.
If you missed the delivery, the notice is on the reverse of the orange piece of paper.

  • Method 3: Wait a few days to get tracking information

Whether you have placed an order for anything that has not been updated in the last few days, it is in your best interest to wait an additional day or two before checking to see if your delivery has arrived.

If, on the other hand, the item you want to ship is time-sensitive, this may not be the ideal choice.

If you are patiently waiting for anything vital, you should get in touch with the customer support department of UPS or go to the post office in your area for further information as soon as possible.

To summarize, if the tracking information for your UPS package is not being updated, you may verify the expected arrival time of your mail by using the UPS text tracking tool, calling customer care, or going to your local post office.

  • Method 4: Go over to the postal service

You may also acquire reliable information regarding the delivery of your parcel by going to the post office in person at your local location.

Because you can have a conversation with the person providing the information, this is often the most effective method for obtaining answers.

You can always give them a call if you aren’t quite ready to go to the post office in person.

A quick search on Google can provide you with the contact information for the United States Postal Service office in your area. Just double-check that you are calling the appropriate number and not the main UPS line.

  • Method 5: Communicate with the customer care department of UPS.

Calling the customer support number for UPS, which is 1-800-275-8777, is the quickest and most convenient method to receive assistance with any tracking update issues you may have.

You may also contact technical assistance at 1 800 344 7779 or delivery tracking at 1 800 222 1811 by calling those numbers respectively.

If you call the official number for UPS, you will be connected to someone who can assist you in obtaining information that is appropriate and correct.

Make sure you contact one of the hotlines offered by UPS if it has been more than a week since the last time your tracking status was updated.

  • Method 6: Inquire with UPS about the status of any missing shipments.

If the tracking information for a shipment has not been updated in seven days, UPS will consider the package to be lost.

You are able to start a search for a missing cargo with UPS if you are worried that your tracking number is not being updated and that the item may have been misplaced.


Q1. Where can I get my UPS tracking number on my receipt?

You may locate the tracking number for your package at the bottom of the receipt that you were given. This information may be found in the section labeled “Package Information.”

Q2. Why does UPS display “not found” for my tracking number?

You won’t notice any activity connected with your tracking number until the carrier has picked up and scanned your shipment.

This won’t happen until after your product has been delivered. After your shipment has moved, you will be able to track it by logging into your account on or

Q3. How much time does it take for the UPS tracking number to start working?

Customers are often informed that it should take up to 24 hours for the UPS tracking number associated with their cargo to be registered by the courier.

If the tracking information for your shipment with UPS does not seem to be updating, it is possible that the box has not yet been collected by the courier or that it has been collected but has not yet been scanned.

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