How to Talk through PS4 Controller Without Headphones

Do you want to talk through a PS4 controller without headphones? You’ve come to the right place.

The PlayStation 4 is one of the leading names in the world of gaming consoles. It comes with a controller that you can use to control games. 

When playing games online, it’s common to use voice chat to talk to your friends. Normally, you would use headphones connected to the controller to talk. But what if you want to talk without headphones?

In this article, we will address the question “Can you Talk Through your PS4 Controller” and provide you with a step-by-step guide on “How to Talk Through PS4 Controller without Headphones”

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Can you talk through PS4 controller?

Short Answer: The PS4 controller lacks a built-in mic, so you can’t talk through it without headphones. However, there are alternative options available such as using the headset free play feature, connecting your phone as the input device, enabling the wireless headset option, or connecting Bluetooth headphones to your PS4.

How to talk through PS4 controller without headphones

While the PS4 controller doesn’t have a built-in mic, you can still communicate with your friends without headphones.

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How to talk through PS4 controller without headphones

Listed below are some effective methods that explain “How to Talk Through PS4 Controller Without Headphones”

Method#1: Use the Headset Freeplay Feature

One way to talk through the PS4 controller without headphones is to use the Headset Freeplay Option on your PS4. With the help of this amazing feature, you can talk to your pals in the game without wearing the headset.

Here’s how you communicate with your friends using the built-in microphone on your PS4 controller.

  • Step 1: First, Connect your controller to your headset
  • Step 2: Next, press and hold the PS Button on the controller 
  • Step 3: Let go of the button when the Settings Menu appears
  • Step 4: Select Sound and Screen from the Menu
  • Step 5: Then, select Audio Output Settings
  • Step 6: Look for the Controller Chat option in the drop-down menu under the Output Device Section
  • Step 7: Once you find it, make sure to Select that option

Voila! You can now use the microphone built into your controller without wearing a headset.

Method#2: Enable Wireless Headset Option

Did you know you can talk to others on the PlayStation 4 even if you don’t wear a headset? 

Just turn on the microphone and touch the button to talk. 

If you’re having trouble talking without a headset, follow these steps: 

  • Step 1: First, make sure the Microphone is silent. 
  • Step 2: Then, go to the Settings Menu and click on Voice Chat to turn it on. 

If it still doesn’t work, try these steps:

  • Step 1: First, you need to launch the Game Menu by pressing the X Button
  • Step 2: Go to Settings
  • Step 3: Select Headset
  • Step 4: Then, select Off for PS4 Wireless Headset
  • Step 5: Afterward, Exit the Game Menu and Restart it
  • Step 6: Turn on the Headset and press the A button to activate it
  • Step 7: Once the PS Button appears, click on it

After doing so, you won’t need to wear a headset to communicate with your pals.

Method#3: Connect Phone as Audio Input Device

Another way to talk through your controller without headphones is by connecting your phone as the audio input device:

Here’s how you do it: 


Step 1: First, install PS4 Remote Play App on your mobile device from AppStore (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android)

Setup and Pairing:

  • Step 2: Next, launch Settings on your PS4 and go to Remote Play Connection Settings
  • Step 3: Select Add Device (a code will be displayed on your PS4)

Controller Configuration:

  • Step 4: Disconnect the PS4 controller from the console
  • Step 5: Pair your Controller with your phone by pressing and holding down the Share and PS4 buttons simultaneously
  • Step 6: Let go of the buttons until the controller’s light starts blinking
  • Step 7: Now, open the Settings on your phone and tap on Bluetooth
  • Step 8: Choose your PS4 Controller from the list and Pair it
  • Step 9: Now, launch the PS4 Remote Play App and Sign In to your account
  • Step 10: Tap on Register Manually and enter the Code shown on your TV
  • Step 12: Wait for your phone to connect to your PS4 
  • Step 13: Once it’s connected, you can use your phone as a controller and talk while playing without headphones.

Method#4: Connect Bluetooth Headphones to your PS4

The last method on the list is to connect Bluetooth headphones to your PS4 and then use it to communicate with your pals while playing games. This enables you to enjoy wireless communication without the need to wear traditional wired headphones. 

To connect your Bluetooth headphones to your PS4, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Use the controller and head over to Settings on your PS4
  • Step 2: Select Devices
  • Step 3: Then, select Bluetooth Devices on the Devices Page
  • Step 4: Turn On your headphones and put them in Pairing Mode. Your PS4 will search for nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • Step 5: Select your Headphones from the list on your PS4 and wait a moment for them to connect.
  • Step 6: Once your headphones are connected to the PS4, you can talk to your friends while playing games.


Bottom Line:

There you have it. A full-fledged guide that explains “How to Talk Through PS4 Control without Headphones.” In this guide, we’ve shared some effective methods to help you talk to your pals without headphones.

So, try out these methods and resume playing your favorite games with your friends.

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