Seren not working & loading streams | Here is how to fix it

Kodi is a powerful media player that functions on the principle of add-ons. It is open-source application software that utilizes a 10-foot user interface to provide users piles of worthwhile digital content. Developed by the XBMC foundation, it is a non-profit technology consortium. It is compatible with a vast number of operating systems including Android, macOS, tvOS, Xbox One, Linux, iOS, Windows, and much more.

A multi-platform home-theater PC (HTPC) application, Kodi has earned its reputation by providing an array of functions. Using the Kodi media player, an individual can access music, podcasts, movies, shows, games, radio, and live TV with the click of a button. Furthermore, Kodi also provides a user interface that is quick, snappy, and smooth. The latest version of Kodi has also roped in PVR (Personal Video-Recorder) for receiving live television that further enhances the overall experience of the application.

Kodi equips third-party plug-ins using which individuals can access content present on the web or in the local storage. However, this move has attracted criticism as plug-ins grant access to unauthorized copyrighted content prompting the user to relish on such content free of cost.

Kodi Seren Add-on

Seren is a multi-source add-on in Kodi that is extensively popular amongst users. Coming from the developer of  Incursion, Seren provides a user interface similar to that of Netflix. Seren does the task of searching for a media source that is reliable. It provides a custom provider installer along with a classy interface. With various menus, the Seren add-on is well-organized.

Kodi Seren Add-on


Seren contains numerous beneficial features including auto-play, shuffle-play, automatic download, advanced caching, cached torrents, and real debrid support. In recent times, plenty of users have reported issues regarding Seren not working. The issue described involves the streams not loading, the window freezing, and the add-on not displaying in the repository video add-ons section of the application.

On a side note, it is essential to verify whether the Seren add-on is running on the Kodi 17 Krypton or the Kodi 18 Leia. If the add-on is functioning on either of the two versions, there is absolutely no reason to worry. Apart from this, Seren requires a real-debrid or premium support to function. To function seamlessly, Seren requires the user to log-in and further purchase a premium account. If the issue persists, the method mentioned below can be equipped to nullify the error.

How to fix the issue of Seren not working & loading stream?

  1. Launch the latest version of the Kodi application on the electronic gadget being used.
  2. Head to the “add-ons” section in the interface by browsing through the menu.
  3. Tap on the “My Add-ons” option to open it. Once launched, proceed to click on “Add-on Repository“.
  4. Head to the Gaia Repository. Disable it by making use of the toggle provided.
  5. Re-install Seren on the device. Once installed, re-enable the Gaia Repository by moving anti-clockwise.

Note: If the issue fails to resolve, ensure that the Trakt account linked to Seren is synced up-to-date as Trakt keeps track of the data processed by Seren. Apart from this, an individual can also clear the add-on data for a fresh start by heading to the tools section in Seren.


The issue of Seren not functioning as expected is a fairly common one. Using the above-mentioned methods, the issue should resolve in minutes.

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