Kodi Exodus Trackt not working | Here is how to fix ‘trakt not working’

Kodi is an elementary open-source media player that presents digital content in the most aesthetic, premium, and supreme manner. It provides whole features that are incomprehensible from the user’s angle. The crux on the biscuit is that it is open-source software prompting users to bestow the divine application to the rest of the folk.

Using Kodi, an individual can browse through music, podcasts, movies, live television, pictures, and even play games on the application. Kodi functions on the principle of third-party plugins that allow users to relish on content that presents itself on the web or in the local storage. These add-ons provide wholehearted access to fields chosen by the user.

One of the most popular add-ons in Kodi is that of the Exodus Trackt. It is a reliable cloud storage that keeps track of an individual’s selected TV shows, movies, series, and much more making it highly-organized. It can also be used to synchronize data across numerous devices keeping confusion at bay. In other words, the Exodus Trackt integrates various media centers to present the finest of content to the user.

Kodi Exodus Trakt

Recently, a majority of users reported that the Exodus Trackt add-on was not functioning as it once used to. On a brink of time, various other complaints surfaced. The most common complaints faced by users included the ‘my current’ Trackt data not being displayed and a dysfunctional ‘Progress’ tab.

However, there is a catch. Similar to the rest of the software, even Trakt requires maintenance that keeps the browser/application free-flowing. The lion’s share of users does not follow the official Trackt TV Twitter account. Apart from giving regular updates about the website/application, the official Trackt TV also posts tweets about the upcoming events that could disrupt the flow of the application puzzling the user.

Trakt TV

As expected, Trakt TV posted a tweet stating that the application will go under maintenance on the 27th of August from 9 AM to 12 PM PST (16:00 to 19:00) UTC. The tweet also stated that all the services would be down during the time of maintenance disrupting operations. The website/application went back online as per the scheduled time. Having said that, the site is not snappy just yet as cached data is being filled up in the meanwhile.

The issue might be fixed for a majority of users with the server of Track TV back up. Having said that, if the issue still persists, an individual can try to resolve it manually using the method specified below.

How to fix Tract not working?

  1. Launch the Kodi application. Head to the add-on settings.
  2. Once opened, proceed to launch the accounts window.
  3. Detach the authorized Trakt account. Re-authorize the account by logging in to it.
  4. Close the Kodi application. Re-launch the Kodi application.
  5. Head to the Trakt API Status page to check whether Tract is functioning or not.


The issue faces by the users of Tract TV is neither a software flaw nor a sneaky bug. The servers of Tract TV went under maintenance causing the calamity. With the servers functioning, the application should function seamlessly. If not, an individual can attempt to re-authorize the account by following the steps mentioned above.

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