Onlyfans Search Doesn’t Work (Try These Ways 2024)

You can’t search someone on OnlyFans because, in comparison to other social media platforms, OnlyFans does not have a search function of its own.

OnlyFans is a social media platform that operates on a subscription model and enables users to sell and/or purchase their original content.

Users who access the site for its adult content will post photos and videos that are not appropriate for all audiences to their accounts, which are then hidden behind a paywall.

Individuals are required to pay a monthly subscription fee, the amount of which can range anywhere from $4.99 to $49.99 in total price, to access the content.

However, the absence of a search function on the OnlyFans website makes it difficult to locate specific individuals.

Important Disclaimer: Before exploring these methods, remember that OnlyFans is an adult content platform. Accessing it may violate your employer’s policies or local laws. Use it responsibly and ethically.

Why Can’t I search Someone on OnlyFans

You cannot search for someone on OnlyFans due to the absence of a search function on the OnlyFans website. Thus, it can be difficult to locate specific users on the platform.

You are in luck because there are websites run by third parties that you can use, such as OnlyFinder, to search for people based on their name, username, location, and other criteria.

One more method is to look for new and established creators by browsing through the many OnlyFans subreddits that are available on Reddit.

Because many of the creators respect their desire for confidentiality and privacy, the search bar has been removed from the OnlyFans platform.

This in turn also encourages even more creators to join the platform.

How to fix OnlyFans search not working

1: Search for a user on OnlyFans with their username

You can find the OnlyFans profile of a content creator easily if you already know their username on the platform by following the steps given below:

  • Open up a browser of your choice.
  • Simply copy and paste the address

Simply copy and paste the address “,” then replace the username in the address bar with the person’s OnlyFans username and hit the “Enter” button.

  • You can search for them by typing their real name

If you are not aware of that person’s username, you can search for them by typing their real name in the username’s place.

Use Google to search for the creator’s name followed by “OnlyFans” (e.g., “Jasmine OnlyFans”).

This can lead you to their OnlyFans page, although it may not work for all creators, especially those who keep their profiles private.

3. Use Third Party sites

You can find all the accounts relating to the real name you’re entering by using a free tool called Onlyfinder. 

  • Open up a browser.
  • Visit the website.
  • Enter the individual’s name you’re looking for

Enter the individual’s name you’re looking for into the search bar.

  • Look through the list of users

Look through the list of users whose names appear to be a match for the one you were looking for, and then select that individual from the list.

Other Third party websites;

  • Fansmetrics

Note: These tools are not endorsed by OnlyFans and may have privacy or security risks. Use them cautiously and at your own discretion.

4. Search for a user on OnlyFans based on location

You can use the following method if you want to locate someone who lives close to you or if you want to reduce the number of results returned by your search by filtering them based on location:

  • Step 1: Go to the website.
  • Step 2: Select a location by clicking on the map

Select a location by clicking on the map, or narrow your search by entering the following text: location:”country/state, city.”

The search results will include a listing of users who have accounts with OnlyFans and have set their location according to your entered search location.

This listing will be displayed once you have submitted your information.

5. Locate an OnlyFans User in your Vicinity

You will have to use the Only Finder tool as a third party in order to locate OnlyFans users in your region.

  • Step 1: Go to the website.
  • Step 2: Follow the given pattern

Follow the given pattern: location: “location”+“distance” Example: location: “Las Vegas”, 8km

  • Step 3: Check out the creations made by people

Check out the creations made by people who are located within the specified distance of the location you typed in.

6. Search for a user on OnlyFans with the help of other social networking sites

The creators on OnlyFans are willing to make more money as fast as possible on this platform by expanding their fan base because it is one of the platforms that is broadening at a very fast rate.

So the creators on this platform promote their accounts on OnlyFans on other social media platforms like Instagram and Reddit, amongst others.

Be sure to carefully check their social media for the OnlyFans link which they could have included in their bio.

7. Search for a user on OnlyFans who shares the same interests as you do

Discover OnlyFans users with similar interests via Reddit, where creators often promote their accounts. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Reddit: Navigate to the official website.
  2. Search: Type “OnlyFans” in the search bar, then click on “Communities and Users.”
  3. Explore Subreddits: Choose a subreddit from the list.
  4. Use the ‘New’ Filter: Apply this filter to see recent posts from OnlyFans creators.

This method is a practical way to find new and less-known OnlyFans content creators sharing your interests.

8. Use the Email method to Locate Someone Else’s OnlyFans

If you know someone’s email address, you can use that information to determine whether they have an active account on

You can accomplish this by attempting to set up a new account with the same email address that was previously used.

It is not necessary for you to worry about taking their email address because you will receive a confirmation email before you are able to activate the account.

Given below is how you can search for someone on OnlyFans by trying their email address:

  • Sign up for the service again using their email address.

Make an effort to sign up for the service again using the individual’s email address.

If the email is accepted, it means that an account with OnlyFans has not been created using that email address.

Either the person of interest is not using OnlyFans or they are using the service with a different email address associated with their account.

If the email address is rejected, it means that an account has already been created using that address.

It is highly likely that the person of interest is operating an account either as a creator or a subscriber.

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