Can Restricted Accounts see Instagram Story, Likes, Posts, Followers

For quite some time, Instagram has been netizens’ favorite social media platform. And it was after the release of Reels that the usage of Instagram skyrocketed. Unlike brands and influencers, people started making reels for fun and to get some exposure.

But as the number of people using Instagram increased, the probability of getting unwanted DMs and comments increased as well. Instagram lets users control unwanted elements by blocking their accounts. But blocking an account can’t be a solution in every case. Those, who just want to put a soft restriction on an account, can use Instagram’s Restrict feature.

Well, if you are someone who has never used this feature before, you might have some queries related to it. Here, in this post, we will try to answer all the queries which are generally asked by the users out there.

If you have any other queries, you may ask us in the comments section below.

Can Restricted Accounts see my Story on Instagram

Quick Answer: Yes, restricted Instagram accounts can see your story.

Status of Restricted Account on Instagram Story

Restricting an account is different from blocking someone on Instagram. Where blocking someone doesn’t allow them to access any account detail, whether stories or posts. Restricting account just limits some of the accessibility.

The feature serves great benefits for someone who does not want or simply can’t remove or block someone from their follower list. There can be many reasons why you cannot block someone on your Instagram.

What if you want to put limitation on your annoying colleague’s Instagram interaction without being rude? You simply Restrict them from using the feature.

Can a Restricted person see my posts on Instagram

Short Answer: Yes, Restricted accounts can see your posts on Instagram. Restricting an account doesn’t hide any of your content.

Restricting anyone is different from blocking them. Instagram doesn’t hide content like stories or posts from restricted users.

You can restrict and control whether you want their comments to appear in your comments section.

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If you restrict someone on Instagram can they see your Likes

Short Answer: Yes, even if you restrict an account on Instagram, they will be able to see your likes. Other details like the number of likes and accounts that liked the posts can also be seen by the restricted account.

The restricted user will be able to see all of the posts as well as the likes on the post. The other details, including number of likes, are also visible on the post. If you want to restrict your post’s visibility from a user, you will have to block them or remove them from your follower list.

If you Restrict someone on Instagram can they reply to your story

Quick Answer: The restricted accounts can reply to the stories, but you won’t get any notification of the replies. You can only see the replies if you open their chat. The other person won’t be notified if you read their replies.

Like other users in your follower list, the restricted account will be able to reply to your story. You won’t get notified of any of the replies, though. To check the replies, you will be required to open the chat by searching for their name in the Chat options.

Can Restricted account on Instagram Like your story

Quick Answer: Yes, Restricted account on Instagram can like your story as well. You will get a notification of them liking your story, but no notification of story replies will be received.

The restriction feature doesn’t notify you of the story replies. But, if the restricted account likes your story, you will be notified. And we really feel that’s not an issue! But, if you want to avoid getting notified, you can hide your stories from that particular account.

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram story

Short Answer: You can’t check if you have been restricted using any Instagram feature.

If you are restricted by someone on Instagram, you won’t know if you have been put on the restriction list. Instagram doesn’t notify the user about the restriction of the accessibility applied to their account.

But there is a way. If you have been restricted, your comments on that user’s post won’t appear to someone else. If you have a mutual friend, you can ask them to check if your comment is visible to them. If it’s not, it’s a clear signal that you have been restricted.

But, if the comment is visible, it cannot be said if you are restricted. It depends; if the user ‘Approved’ your comment, it will appear on the post.

The screenshot provided below shows how a comment made on a post by a restricted account appears.

Appearance of a comment made by a restricted user

The user can either ‘Approve’ or ‘Delete’ the comment. Other followers can only see the comments only if the comment is approved.

Control option for comment made by a restricted user

If you Restrict someone on Instagram will they know

Quick Answer: No, if you restrict someone on Instagram, they won’t get any notification from Instagram.

You can restrict anyone, and Instagram will complete the action without notifying them.

If you restrict someone on Instagram can they see your followers

Quick Answer: Yes, even if you restrict someone on Instagram, they will be able to see your followers. Instagram doesn’t hide any specific content from a restricted account.

How to Unrestrict someone on Instagram

Step 1: Open the Instagram app

Step 2: Go to the restricted person’s profile page

Step 3: On the profile page itself, you will see the option to

You can check all the accounts that you have restricted in one place. Go to Settings and select ‘Privacy’. In the Privacy section, select the ‘Restricted Account’ option to check all of the accounts that you have restricted.

Restricted accounts section on Instagram


Hope we answered all of your queries in this post.

Here, we covered the access restrictions on a Restricted account on Instagram. Along with a quick guide to Unrestrict someone on Instagram. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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