Can You See Who Viewed Instagram Highlights After 24 hours

Instagram has quickly become the most popular social networking platform, with millions of users all around the world. Instagram users share an astonishing number of photos and videos on the platform and communicate with one another through direct messages on a regular basis.

Highlights on Instagram are similar to Stories in that they are displayed on your profile, but unlike Stories, they remain there permanently unless you delete them. Instagram Highlights are permanent additions to your profile, whereas regular Stories are only available for the last 24 hours.

A lot of people who use Instagram are curious about whether or not they will be able to know who has viewed their highlights after the initial 24-hour window.

In the following post, we will answer some of the popular queries regarding this topic.

After 24 hours, can you see who watched your Instagram highlights

Can someone see that I viewed their Instagram highlight

Short answer: Yes, someone can see if you’re looking at their Instagram highlights within 48 hours of when the story is posted.

Highlights are a way for users to collect and organize their favorite posts in one place, where they can be quickly viewed by their followers. A lot of people who use Instagram are curious about whether or not their activity can be seen by other people when they visit their highlights.

If someone recently uploaded a photo to their Instagram story and then added it to their highlights, that person will be able to check the profiles of all the people who saw their story.

As long as the post is made during the first forty-eight hours, the owner will be able to browse the profiles of everyone who has watched their story. On the other hand, since the majority of users include old stories in their highlights, there is a good likelihood that they won’t realize you watched their highlights in the first place.

If someone were to post an old story to their highlight, they would no longer be able to see the number of people who watched it because Instagram will stop providing that information after the first 48 hours. You can also check out our other blog on a similar topic Can someone see how many times you viewed their Instagram profile?

Can you see who viewed your Instagram highlights after 24 hours

Short answer: Yes, you can see who looked at your Instagram highlights even after 24 hours. With a new update, Instagram has extended the time to 48 hours, so if someone looks at your highlights within that time, you will know.

Can you see who has watched your Instagram highlights after 24 hours

Instagram highlights’ viewer lists don’t stick around for very long (only 48 hours), so keep that in mind if you’re looking for them.

After a period of 48 hours has elapsed, the viewer lists for your highlights will no longer be accessible.

After only 24 hours, you can now know who has watched your Instagram highlights thanks to a new upgrade. However, Instagram only keeps track of profile name counts and view counts for highlights for a period of forty-eight hours. After that, you will no longer have access to such statistics.

I didn’t watch someone’s Instagram story but I watched the highlight can they see that I viewed it?

Short answer: If you didn’t watch someone’s Instagram story but watched their highlight, they might be able to tell who saw them, if you watched the highlight within 48 hours of when it was first shared, but they won’t know if you watched it after 48 hours.

Your followers and friends will be able to view your Instagram stories for the next 24 hours after they are posted. But the Instagram highlights imply that viewer lists and view counts are unavailable after 48 hours.

If you don’t want to get caught, it’s best to wait the whole 48 hours before seeing their highlight content. After that, you may go ahead and view it.

This is because, after 48 hours, the highlights will no longer record the viewer’s list, meaning that it is perfectly safe for you to see it after the fact.

They can see who has viewed the highlight within the last 48 hours because when a user submits a story and instantly adds it to their Highlights, the names of all users who have viewed the Highlights during that time frame will be shown so try to watch the highlight after 48 hours.

How to view Instagram highlights without them knowing

After your standard Instagram story has expired after 24 hours, you can continue to expose your tales to your followers by using Instagram highlights. This is an excellent method to keep your followers engaged with your content. On the other hand, there may be situations when you wish to examine someone else’s highlights without them being aware of it.

Either you don’t want to give the impression that you’re being nosy, or you’re simply interested in the information that they’re offering. There are a number of different approaches one may use in order to watch someone else’s Instagram highlights without that person being aware of it.

Method 1 – Create another Instagram account.

Creating a second Instagram account is one of the most straightforward ways to watch a person’s highlights on Instagram without that user being aware of it.

You can make a fictitious account and follow the individual whose highlights you are interested in viewing in order to access those highlights. You will be able to watch their highlights in this way without them being aware of it. However, given this strategy needs you to handle many accounts, it is possible that some people may find it impractical to use it.

Method 2 – View the highlights from a friend’s profile

You can ask a common friend who follows the person whose highlights you are interested in viewing to show you those highlights if you have one. This works only if the two of you are friends with each other. You are able to examine the highlights in this manner without the user being aware of it.

Method 3 – View it after 48 hours

One way to view a highlight is to wait 48 hours after it was originally posted. After forty-eight hours, Instagram no longer reveals which users saw your highlights. Instagram highlights are inherently permanent and will remain online for as long as the user keeps them there.


Final Words

There are a few different methods available for seeing Instagram highlights in private without the user’s knowledge all of them are included in this article. I really hope that this post is helpful to you in some way. If it isn’t, please let us know about any further problems.

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