Can Someone See If You Send Their Instagram Story?

Have you ever wanted to send someone on Instagram a story but been concerned that the original poster could see it? Or what happens if they find out you sent their story? And you may also be perplexed as to why a certain Instagram story is unavailable.

Many Instagram users struggle because they are unsure of how to behave to avoid breaking the rules and embarrassing themselves or others. Users may be reluctant to use the platform in fear of invading the privacy of others, due to the possibility that their activities may be observed.

In this article, we’ll address some of the most frequently asked issues about Instagram stories and privacy, to help you understand what you can and cannot do.

Can someone see if you send their Instagram story?

Short Answer: No, if you share a story via DM (Direct Message) to another person, the original poster of the article will not be informed that you shared their work. Only the fact that you saw it is visible to them.

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If an Instagram user shares a Story that other users are able to share, you will notice a small paper plane symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen. If it’s a public account, you’ll be able to share the Story with anybody in your direct messages; but, if it’s a private Instagram account, the Story will only be visible to individuals who also follow the account when it’s shared in a direct message.

When you share the Story of another user with a friend via Direct Messages, that user will not be informed that their Story was shared.

Will a person be notified if I direct message their story to someone else on Instagram?

When you send someone else’s Instagram story in a direct message, they won’t be alerted that their story has been shared. The sender and the receiver of the direct communication will both remain anonymous to everyone except the intended recipient.

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To protect the privacy of its users, Instagram does not reveal who sent which user a particular user’s story when they are shared with another Instagram user. Due to privacy concerns, Instagram does not notify followers when a user shares a person’s story with another person.

Can someone see if you screenshot their Instagram story?

No, Instagram does not notify someone if you screenshot their story. So, there is no way someone would know if you screenshot their Instagram story. Similarly, you will also not be able to see whether someone has screenshotted their story.

You are free to take screenshots or screen recordings of anybody else’s Instagram story without fear of Instagram notifying them of your actions. The same is applicable on posts and reels as well.

However, back in 2018, Instagram had rolled out an upgrade that informed users with a notification if a screenshot was taken of their stories by another user. But the upgrade was reverted to its previous state just a few short months later, and it is unclear if they have any intentions to reinstate it in the near future.

However, please bear in mind that taking screenshots of other people’s posts without their permission may constitute an invasion of privacy as well as a violation of the community standards for Instagram, so please avoid doing without the permission of the person first. When using social media, it is important to remember to remain mindful of the privacy of other individuals.


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1. Is there a way to restrict who sees my Instagram story?

You have the option to make your Instagram story private to particular followers. You may do this by going to your profile, tapping the three lines in the upper right corner, and then selecting Settings > Privacy > Story. From there, you may choose which followers won’t be able to see your story or make your own custom block list.

2. How long do Instagram stories remain available?

Instagram stories disappear 24 hours after they have been put up. After 24 hours, they will no longer show in your feed or the feeds of your followers.

3. Can I know who has viewed my Instagram story?

Those who have seen your Instagram story will be displayed in a list. You can easily see who all have seen your story by opening your story and swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Whoever has seen your story will be shown, with the most recent viewer at the top. It will also display all the people who have liked or reacted to your story.

Final Words

Instagram, though a popular social networking platform, there are still many users who may not be aware of the consequences of the actions they take. It is, therefore, essential for Instagram users to have a solid understanding of the network’s privacy settings in order to prevent unintended repercussions.

This article has provided a clear knowledge of some of the most frequent issues that are asked about Instagram stories and privacy. When utilizing social media, it is essential for users to show consideration for the privacy of other people and to ensure that their activities do not go against the community norms outlined by Instagram.

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