How Accurate is Snapchat Location | Details

While using Snapchat, have you ever felt something fishy about its location? Recently, I was using my Snapchat account and I got to know that I was shown somewhere else than my exact location.

So, is it normal or my account is facing some issues?

Let me help you to find out if Snapchat’s location is accurate or not in detail. We’ll go through the top reasons for issues in location accuracy for your account.

How accurate is Snapchat location?

Short Answer: The Snapchat location is not always 100% accurate. It is dependent on several factors like the device’s GPS, internet connectivity, and availability of the other person on the app.

Snap map


The Snap Map or Snapchat location feature helps users share their real-time location with their friends on the app. However, it is not 100% accurate and can show errors as it is dependent on the accuracy of your device’s GPS, internet connectivity of your device, and the availability of your friend on the app.

Further, are you facing any other issues in using the location feature? Learn why is Snapchat location not working /showing or updating

Why is Snapchat location not accurate?

Several reasons may lead to issues with the location feature or Snap Map feature on this app. The key factors leading to accuracy issues with Snap Map are:

  • Internet connection issues

If your device does not have a proper internet connection, the location feature may not work properly.

  • Using a location spoofer

If you’re using a third-party location spoofer, your exact location is not shown to the other Snapchat users.

  • Problems with your device’s GPS

If the GPS tracking of your device is not working properly, the chances are high that it is affecting your Snap map location.

  • Problems in the Snapchat application

Any temporary or permanent bugs in the Snapchat application due to outdated versions can lead to low accuracy in its location feature.

  • Being offline for at least 6 hours

If you’ve not used Snapchat for at least 6 hours, the app will hide or remove your location from others.

  • Using the ghost mode

The ghost mode on Snapchat allows users to hide their location from others. Hence, if the ghost mode is active, your accurate location is not shown to others.


Summing Up

Hope I’ve helped you understand the accuracy and other details of the Snapchat map feature. It is dependent on different factors like the device’s GPS location, internet connection, or availability of the person.

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