Fix: Not Working (2023)

If you’re wondering why isn’t working, you’ve come to the right spot. is a website that does not require users to register or pay in order to watch anime online. Users have the option of watching anime with either the original language or a translation in ultra HD quality.

It should come as no surprise that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of websites offering free streaming anime given that there are over one billion searches conducted each month on themes linked to anime.

On the other hand, consumers recently ran into a frustrating problem when they discovered that was not functioning properly. In this essay, we investigate the possible causes behind this downtime and investigate alternative remedies to the problem.

Why is not working

Short answer: isn’t working anymore because it recently changed its name to Aniwatch. This means you can’t use anymore. If you want to keep watching your favorite anime shows, you should go to the new site Aniwatch. is a website that allows users to watch anime in an illegal manner, and many lovers of the medium go there to watch their favorite programs.

The website does not require users to register or pay in order to download anime episodes in ultra HD quality with subtitles or dubbed versions.

Many visitors to the site are perplexed by the new adjustments. suddenly changed its name to Aniwatch and became an entirely new website overnight. On July 5th, 2023 an official statement was released by the team confirming the rebranding to Aniwatch and explaining the reasoning behind the decision. rebranded to Aniwatch

If you are having trouble viewing, the reason is that the website has changed its name to Aniwatch. It is recommended that you go to the new website (Aniwatch) to continue watching your favorite anime series.

It is important to keep in mind that the availability of online streaming platforms and the validity of such platforms might vary, and it is always crucial to make sure that you are using legal and safe platforms to view material online.

Fix: not working

Method 1 – Use a different website is a well-known website that allows users to watch anime online. However, there are occasions when the website may be inaccessible or not functioning correctly. If you are unable to view anime on due to technical difficulties, you might want to look into utilizing another website instead.

Method 2 – Use Zoro’s Proxy Servers

Zoro breaks the law by distributing pirated anime on the internet. Therefore, countries persist in blocking access to websites. The administrators of Zoro have constructed a proxy network to combat this.

If you’re having trouble getting to, using one of their proxy servers might help. If a user’s ISP or government has prohibited access to a particular website, a proxy network can allow them to access it. users have access to the site via a network of proxy servers and mirror websites. From, you can reach those proxy site URLs.

Final Words

While website-specific technical issues are usually to blame for being down, device-specific issues must also be taken into account. A variety of options are provided in this article for users to use in order to resolve these problems.

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